‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Old Phyllis Is Back – Replaces Softer Version of Red

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Old Phyllis Is Back - Replaces Softer Version of RedGina Tognoni’s addition to the cast of ‘The Young and the Restless’ offered the opportunity for a softer version of Phyllis to be projected. But, apparently, the viewers didn’t like that version of ‘Red’. So, ‘Philly’ was invented and now the old version of Phyllis is back.

Now, today’s edition of Phyllis isn’t nearly as mean and vindictive as Michelle Stafford’s creation almost always was. It wouldn’t be totally fair to compare each actor’s Y&R credentials, or visual appeals either. Stafford was the original and enjoyed an extensive, award-winning run. Her Daytime Emmy Awards, 1997 (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series) and 2004, (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series) also reinforced just how terrific she was on Y&R. Stafford continues to deliver great work on ‘General Hospital’ as Nina Clay also.

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Stafford was originally hired for a role that was expected to be limited. But, she was so impressive as Danny’s (Michael Damian) crazed stalker that her stay was extended. She later moved from a backup role to a leading lady. No matter what Tognoni does, she won’t be able to compare to those fabled efforts. But, seasoned viewers aren’t truly judging today’s Phyllis against the iconic standard.

Tognoni’s more consistently vulnerable version of Phyllis basically created a different character. Former executive producer Jill Farren Phelps and former head writer Chuck Pratt, Jr. decided that ‘Red’ should go in a different direction. So, it will be interesting to see where Mal Young and new head writer (and Y&R alum) Sally Sussman ask Tognoni to walk in the immediate future.

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Jack’s (Peter Bergman) spurn should make Phyllis burn. Add the potential of a now-possible open ‘Philly’ relationship and there’s no telling where ‘Red’ will go next. Pair Phyllis full-time with the always self-destructive Billy (Jason Thompson) character and Tognoni’s acting chops are about to be tested. Two scorned souls taking on Genoa City? Viewers will be watching to see what this evolving reissue of Phyllis delivers.

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  1. AnneBoleyn says

    Okay you are obviously a Michelle fan which is great. But let’s not downplay Gina Tognoni’s accomplishments. Gina Tognoni is also a two-time Emmy winning actress who has had a very long and successful year.
    And I don’t know where you are getting your information from saying viewers did not like her softer version because she is still playing it. And if her version was so disliked then how did she land an Emmy nomination after a few months of work as Phyllis Abbott?

    1. Billyboy says

      Gina T was great on the Guiding Light, she is an excellent actresses. I am a big fan of Gina’s. I am not a fan of her n Billy being together n I fast forward all the scenes when they are together. I blame Y&R for paring them together. I don’t think this new Billy has CHEMISTRY with just a few actors/actresses on the soap, but Gina in my opinion is not one of them. But I understand when our favorite actresses/actors are being attacked we get a little upset. I know I have had haters that have been very cruel to me on these sites n that I just block them. But we all have a right to agree to disagree. I hope I have not upset you, but I do like n respect Gina.

      1. AnneBoleyn says

        It is perfectly fine to not like a pairing. The Philly pairing is very controversial which is why it became so big. Some love and some hate the pairing which equates to soapy goodness because it actually makes people feel something for the characters and storyline. But that is not my not my issue.

        My issue with this article is that you purposely listed Staffords credentials and accomplishments while purposely ignoring Tognoni’s. Just be fair.

        I think even for some of those who do not care for Tognoni as Phyllis or those that were unfamiliar with her prior to YR, can admit, she knocked it out of the park this week.
        Did you upset me? Yes you did. I just think someone who writes articles and has an audience should try not to slight one when elevating the other when it comes to the actual actors. Characters are a whole different issue. Your article was clearly actor driven which is why I found it extremely biased and unnecessary.
        However, I truly appreciate that you responded and so happy and excited for what is in store for all of us YR fans.

        1. Billyboy says

          If your upset by my respond than I do apologize, my intentions were not to upset anyone. My own opinion is that I do not like that Phyllis n Billy were put together, thou it is my choice to rewind scenes when they are on. Because I do not like two characters together doesn’t make it biased nor in my opinion unnecessary. I stated that I am a fan of Gina T n that I think She is an excellent actresses. As a matter of fact I like her in this role better than Michelle S, thou I do like Michelle S thou Gina has done a really good job with the role of Phyllis. If you would read my comments again you would see that the only complaint I had was with the paring of Gina with JT. There is no reference in my comment of any of Michelle S accomplishments this You stated in the second line of your respond back to me. Honestly I have followed Gina T a lot more than I have Michelle S. I do like Michelle a lot better on GH. And once again to be totally honest when Michelle S left, I made a suggest on one of these sites that Gina T would make a great replacement (thou I doubt anyone listen, but I am sure the Powers that be knew this also). As I stated in my comments once again I am a fan of Gina T. I am entitled to my opinion but I don’t appreciate someone or anyone stating that I written something about someone/anything that I haven’t. These includes accomplishments n credentials which I didn’t comment about. Maybe that was someone else, because it sure wasn’t me. Read my comments again n you’ll see I didn’t mention these.

          I too look forward for the next couple of months with new writers n consultants. Y&R can hopefully improve.

          1. AnneBoleyn says

            It looks like we are going to agree to disagree regarding the contents on your article and how it comes across.

            In my initial comment, I never mentioned the Philly pairing because I did not take any offense to that. It’s actually hilarious that those that do not like the pairing actually discuss them more than those that do like them. Unless you have read previous comments of mine on other forums, you have no idea if I’m a Philly or Phack fan, so why you are interpreting that my issue with your article has to do with that pairing is bewildering.

            I’ve already outlined to you what my issue was with your article and do not feel the need to rehash it. And just as you, I stand by what I wrote.

            And again, I appreciate your response and appreciate that you allow those of us who can firmly disagree with you to state our opinions in a respectful manner.

          2. Billyboy says

            Please reframe from commenting on my posts because evidently you are trying to be politely rude, and I don’t go down to your level. I hope you get “POLITELY RUDE”, because you came back with Lame response. So if you continue I will REPORT YOU. THANKS!!

          3. AnneBoleyn says

            Are you serious? Someone disagrees with you and want to report them? When you write slanted articles, this is what happens, you get responses. Please report me, you’ll find nothing offensive, rude or wrong in any of my statements.
            You and I are having a conversation based on the article you wrote.
            And if any of my statements were so off-base would you be getting so irate and threatening to report me?

            And no I didn’t get on this site to dissect and destroy peoples comments. I got on this site to respond to YOUR article which was clearly one sided simply because you do not like character pairings. And you took that dislike to a whole other level.

          4. Billyboy says

            Yes I am serious, reframe from your a Politely Rude posts on my comments. I didn’t dissect your posts or have I been rude to you. Yes I have n will continue to voice my opinions on characters that are paired together if I don’t like them together. Your comments aren’t one sided, it’s not like everyone has agree with your comments. That is why everyone on this site has the RIGHT TO VOICE THEIR OWN OPINIONS, if someone agrees with you than that is their right n if they don’t agree with you that is also their right n than that is fine. THIS IS WHY IT IS THE RIGHT TO AGREE TO DISAGREE. THAT’S LIFE NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME OPINION.

          5. AnneBoleyn says

            When you post articles on this site, this site allows for and encourages comments. So, I will continue to post comments as long as I do not use foul language, or post rude and disrespectful comments.

            None of which I have done on this site or any other site as you well know since you have read my previous comments.

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