‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Friday, October 28: Phyllis Takes a Gamble, Abby Discovers The Mole – Jack Catches Travis Snooping – Kevin Blasts Mariah

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers Friday, October 28: Phyllis Takes a Gamble, Abby Discovers The Mole – Jack Catches Travis Snooping – Kevin Blasts Mariah‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers for Friday, October 28, tease that Travis (Michael Roark) will try to get to the bottom of the mole situation. At Newman Enterprises, Abby (Melissa Ordway) tells Travis she’s working on damage control for Victor (Eric Braeden) while he’s out of town. Travis asks Abby to join him for lunch and they head to Top of the Tower.

Once they arrive, Travis orders Champagne and hints that maybe Abby wants payback. He wonders if Abby feels slighted by Victor because she’s part of the Abbott clan as well. Abby realizes that Travis thinks she might be the mole. She says Victor warned her about this and assures Travis that she’s innocent.

Meanwhile, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) runs into Stitch (Sean Carrigan) and they discuss his marriage issues. Stitch admits he moved out. They talk about being trapped together the night of the fire. Before Ashley goes, she urges Stitch to remain open-minded about his future with Abby.

Later, Stitch spots Abby and Travis sharing a bottle of bubbly. He assumes it’s a date and drives Travis away. Stitch lashes out at Abby for moving on so quickly. She’s insulted that he thinks it was more than just business. Stitch offers an apology for overreacting.

Travis returns to Newman for a confrontation with Natalie (Mara McCaffray). He figures she tipped off Victor about the mole possibly being a family member. Natalie points out that Victor pays her, not Travis. She did what she had to do.

Travis gets a phone call and receives some surprising news. He asks the person on the other end if he or she is sure it’s him. Travis gets confirmation and rushes off to handle it. At Jabot, Jack (Peter Bergman) talks about paying a board member for info. He has some doubts, but Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) reassures him.

Jack ultimately agrees that his plot is paying off. However, he’s concerned that Victor will see him with the mole. Jack can’t risk it, so Phyllis offers to make the cash drop instead. As Phyllis is leaving, Ashley picks up on the fact that they’re hiding something. Jack insists nothing is going on.

In the park, Jack waits on a bench with a briefcase. Travis spies on him from nearby. Jack gets up and puts a piece of paper in a trash can. When Travis runs over to look at it, he’s puzzled to find it’s blank. Jack pops up again and asks if Travis is looking for something. “The Young and the Restless” fans will be anxious to see what Travis does next.

At Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan) studio, she chats with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) about Halloween plans. Chelsea says Connor (Gunner and Ryder Gadbois) asked if Adam (Justin Hartley) would be home to take him trick-or-treating. Chloe offers sympathy. She knows holidays are tough when loved ones pass away.

Chelsea reveals that she’ll be spending Halloween with Nick (Joshua Morrow). She doesn’t want him to be alone on the anniversary of Christian’s death. Kevin (Greg Rikaart) appears in a crazy costume and the ladies share a laugh about it. A short time later, Chelsea dials Nick’s number. She wonders what’s up when she doesn’t get an answer.

At home, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) tells Hilary (Mishael Morgan) she’ll continue to put pressure on Natalie. Sharon gets updates on Mariah’s new job at GC Buzz. She’s worried Mariah will get distracted. Sharon needs her now more than ever. Mariah guesses it’s because Patty (Stacy Haiduk) still expects them to help her escape.

Sharon understands that there’s been a lot of drama lately. Mariah just can’t keep doing this. Sharon apologizes for getting Mariah involved in the first place. After Mariah leaves, Chelsea shows up and conveys her fears about Nick. Sharon gets a little choked up when Chelsea talks about Christian.

They put their heads together and try to determine where Nick might be. Sharon decides to call Dylan (Steve Burton) while Chelsea calls The Underground. A staff member answers and states that Nick is there. Chelsea can hear glass breaking in the background.

Mariah locates Kevin and suggests that Natalie could be in trouble. Kevin learns Natalie is working as Victor’s assistant. He decides to go talk to her. Once Kevin is gone, Chloe contends that Mariah just wants to cause problems. Mariah assures Chloe that she’s not meddling.

Kevin arrives at Newman and expresses concern. Natalie figures out that Mariah spilled the beans. She argues that Mariah wasn’t worried about her. Natalie brings up Mariah’s job as a GC Buzz gofer and Kevin exits. He later finds Mariah and Chloe at Crimson Lights. Kevin blasts Mariah for trying to use him in her efforts to get dirt.

At the athletic club, Phyllis sits at the bar and waits for the Newman board member. When he arrives, they exchange briefcases and Phyllis leaves. Abby gapes nearby. Y&R rumors hint that Abby will get stuck in a jam soon. Stay tuned to see what’s in store.

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