‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers’: Is Justin Hartley Considering Return To ‘Y&R’ – Adam Newman May Not Be Recast?

‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers’: Is Justin Hartley Considering Return To ‘Y&R’ – Adam Newman May Not Be Recast?‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers tease that there is a possibility that Justin Hartley would consider a return to ‘Y&R’ – even if it was just for quick check-in. Will TPTB recast the role of Adam Newman or bring Justin back for an occasional cameo?

Justin posted a sad and touching farewell to ‘The Young and the Restless’ fans the day his last episode aired. The actor has moved on to the highly-acclaimed and most anticipated drama, ‘This is Us,’ of the new television season. ‘Entertainment Weekly’ recently paid tribute to the cast, which includes Mandy Moore [Rebecca] and Milo Ventimiglia [Jack].

A casting call went out not long before Justin Hartley exited – and by the description of the character it seemed to match up to Adam almost exactly. If TPTB are planning Adam’s return from the grave immediately then the role, unfortunately, will need to be recast.

But don’t give up hope that Justin may return. In a recent interview with CBS Soaps in Depth the actor said that he thinks soap operas are an excellent place for young actors to cut their teeth.  The magazine went on to hint that Justin Hartley may not be gone for good.

Justin got his start in acting as Nicholas Foxworth Crane. In the interview Justin revealed that fan shouldn’t count him out just yet. “I love the [‘Y&R] cast, the crew. And obviously I love Melissa Claire Egan [Chelsea Newman].”

Justin Hartley appeared in several other primetime dramas before taking on the role of Kevin in ‘This is Us.’ Justin’s other primetime roles include Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in ‘Smallville’, Will Collins in ‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ and most notably Patrick Osbourne on the ABC dramas ‘Revenge’ and Scott Trosman on ‘Mistresses.’

There you have it ‘The Young and the Restless’ fans. Do you think it’s possible to bring back Justin Hartley and put Adam Newman on the back burner with an occasional cameo appearance, much like is done with Beth Maitland [Traci Abbott]? Or should the role of Adam be recast?

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  1. ceecee says

    I am beginning to like “This is Us” but Justin’s character is the story and character I like least. Randall’s story is why I keep tuning in at this point.

    1. Soap Opera Spy Editor says

      The other characters do seem to be much deeper than Justin’s character – maybe he has more layers we just haven’t seen yet!

  2. Janet Roberts says

    I wouldn’t want him back for an occasional appearance they should recast preferably with Michael Muhney.

    1. Soap Opera Spy Editor says

      I would love to see MM back but if that is not going ton happen then I would like to see Justin now & then. He is a fine actor!

      1. Janet Roberts says

        Justin is a fantastic actor, but I love the character and Chadam so I want Adam back for good not occasionally.

  3. disqus_DEPipCQ5Ps says

    Bring him back for good or recast for a new Adam but by all means don’t put nick with crazy Sharon what I think needs to happen to Sharon is she needs to be Patty’s Roommate now that would be Awesome…

  4. TAS says

    WTH?? NO! Justin needs to stay with Primetime “This is Us” the show he prefers and chose, and good for him, it’s a good show with LOTS of good actors. I want a FULL time COMMITED Adam, but the stupid powers to be will probably go the opposite direction of course. I miss ADAM the show is just not as exciting and I don’t mean Hartley I mean Adam, I wish they would get off the dumb asses and hire Muhney back, he was GREAT and even better he was COMITTED to the show!!

  5. MaximumUniverse says

    Justin Hartley isn’t coming back to a soap from a #1 PrimeTime hit show. Get real. Soap fans are so delusional.

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