‘The Young And The Restless’ Interview: Miles Villanueva Discusses Possible Summer And Luca Romance

'The Young And The Restless' Interview: Miles Villanueva Discusses Possible Summer And Luca RomanceLuca Santori (Miles Gaston Villanueva) on ‘The Young and the Restless’ is quickly becoming that character that everyone loves to hate. After previously playing the role of Father Martin in 2013, Villanueva stepped into the role of Luca on September 16 2015. Luca showed up in Genoa City as the estranged husband of Marisa (Sofia Pernas) while she was in a relationship with Noah (Robert Adamson). Villanueva sat down just this week with Soapcentral to discuss his role on the show.

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In the interview he shared how rigorous his schedule with the series can be at times. Villanueva mentioned how he had to tape 5 episodes in four days and simultaneously doing four pilot auditions. He went on to share on how lucky he is to be with the Y&R team. Though sometimes he is like “I’m in the groove here” and other times he is like “What am I doing,” things are coming along just fine with his CBS family.

The team at Soap Central asked about his scenes with Hunter King (Summer) and a possibility of their pairing. In response Villanueva that though many fans may be anticipating a romantic relationship between him and his scene partner Hunter, he has no idea exactly where the show is going. He mentions a tweet from a fan that stated “Hey Summer, don’t hurt Luca.” Villanueva shared that if the story actually goes that way it would be a surprising turn. Summer is usually the one who gets hurt; she is known to be an innocent and loving young lady. What if the tables turned this time around?

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Villanueva states how elated he is to play alongside Eric Braeden (Victor); in his opinion he thinks their confrontations are great. He is happy and grateful to be a part of this great team. And when asked he states how privileged he is to be the first Santori introduced to the canvas.

So Y&R fans, what do you think of Villanueva’s portrayal? Do you love seeing him in confrontations with long time Y&R stars? Do you want the show to explore a relationship with him & Summer?

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  1. TAS says

    Actually I would be very VERY happy if Summer would leave the show..the only acting she does is duckface whine whine poor me..gag puke gag

    1. Erika Jaramillo says

      I know she is so annoying n how see must kiss victors butt all the time.. She needs to go away already.

      1. TAS says

        Totally agree! I honestly do not see how she won any award for acting I feel the actress that plays Mariah is hands down a much better actress but gets hardly any air time anymore

  2. Carmel Smith says

    I would love to see Luca and Summer get together, but I want a good story. Sick of all the overnight romances. He is a great addition to the show and Miss Hunter can act her booty off, especially when given anything deep. Strongest younger actor, IMO.

  3. Omi says

    Showing Summer Hunter in a whole different way on the show will be awesome. We need to see Summer, as a tiger, to be a strong women, like her mother.

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