‘The Young And The Restless’ Interview: Justin Hartley Discusses Playing Adam Newman, Says It’s ‘Best Role On Television’

'The Young And The Restless' Interview: Justin Hartley Discusses Playing Adam Newman, Says It's 'Best Role On Television'Justin Hartley rose to an all new level of popularity after taking over the role of Adam Newman from Michael Muhney on ‘The Young and the Restless’. In the issue of Watch Magazine, released this month, Justin Harley is featured and he discusses his Y&R role.

Hartley shared with the magazine that in his opinion Adam Newman is “the best role on television,” he also states that this is the best job he’s ever had and he’s quite elated with it. “At the risk of making my co-stars angry, I think Adam is the best role on television right now,” says Hartley. “On paper, Adam is a perfect character; my plan was to shift it to where I wanted it. A good role is a good role—I don’t care if it’s on a stage, on daytime or prime time, it doesn’t matter. It’s the best job I have ever had. I’m very happy.” shares Hartley.

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We can’t deny that Hartley has been doing a fantastic job as Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) son. When it was announced that he was taking over the role, quite a few fans were disgruntled. Many thought he wouldn’t be able to pull it off but he has proven everyone wrong. Since his debut the feelings of him not being perfect for the role slowly died out. Now fans are satisfied and sharing that Hartley is the perfect recast.

Further along Hartley spoke about his current relationship with former daytime actress Chrishell Stause (Ex-Jordan, Days and Ex-Amanda, AMC). He claims the courtship took a while to finally flourish. He said “I had been single for a long time, and I was sick of it.” Congratulations on eventually becoming a couple.

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So Y&R fans, do you agree with Hartley that Adam is the best role on TV right now?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!  And, don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy daily for news and updates on all of your favorite ‘The Young And The Restless’ stars.

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  1. cyberrine says

    I love Hartley but I love Muhney a lot too.

  2. Ewa Hausner says

    I cannot deny, Michael Muhney is a good actor but I definitely like more Justin Hatley in the role of Adam.

    1. M. J. says

      MM will always be Adam to me. Justin Hartley is a solid actor(Almost)but just doesn’t do it for me . . . acting wise. I could never picture him on a real soap. Y&R has the best ratings, but doesn’t have the best actors; although, to their credit they’ve poached a ton of actors from soaps where really good acting is required and the show’s acting level has grown exponentially. For me, Justin Hartley is an NBC, FOX, TNT and now since ABC sucks . . . an ABC actor. I could never picture him on CBS Primetime. He’s not good enough.

  3. Ewa Hausner says

    I can not deny that Michael Muhney is a good a good actor but I definitely like more Justin Hartley as Adam 🙂

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