‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Is Wyatt’s Marriage Really Over, Steffy Turns To Liam – Spencer Brothers War Reignited

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt's Marriage Is Really Over, Steffy Turns To Liam - Spencer Brothers War Reignited“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers tease that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) ends her relationship with Wyatt permanently after the decision Wyatt (Darin Brooks) made to stand by his mother instead of his wife in regards to keeping the truth from Quinn (Rena Sofer) about who Eric (John McCook) gave Power of Attorney to.

After Wyatt overheard their scheming plans to keep the truth from Quinn which would give the Forrester family the leverage to make all the decisions for his family and career, their scheme was suddenly blown wide open when Wyatt overheard Steffy along with her father, Ridge Forrester (Thornsten Kaye) discussing keeping this huge secret to themselves.

Wyatt eventually confronted Steffy and made it clear that he did not agree with their decision and marched over to the Forrester house and took a stand against Ridge and told his mother the big news. This no doubt gives Quinn the leverage she needs to stop Ridge and Steffy from kicking her out of the house as well as from Eric’s bedside.

Once Wyatt returned back to Steffy, she was furious with Wyatt and as we saw in the most recent episode, Steffy ended her relationship with Wyatt because of this decision. Of course, viewers know that Quinn is not the only reason for Steffy’s change of heart toward her marriage with Wyatt, we expect Steffy to go back with Liam now that she has split up with her husband who happens to also be Liam’s brother.

Recently, Wyatt was left heartbroken and begged her not to give up on their marriage, but Steffy did not want to hear it and walked away from him.  Will this stir up a pot of resentment and hatred between the two brothers? Could this break-up go from heartbreak to war soon? Wyatt has been fighting for months to keep Steffy away from Liam and trying to prevent this reunion. Of course, it would be a breath of fresh air for many viewers to see Wyatt turn away from Steffy completely and many enjoyed the stand he took for his mother.

Will Wyatt go further and help Quinn in the fight against the Forrester family to help them accept her as Eric’s wife and power of attorney? Perhaps, Wyatt will focus on getting Steffy back or he could fight back another way, Wyatt could side with Quinn after he learns that Steffy’s decision to go back with Liam. Will his anger over his marriage be just what is needed for Wyatt to step up and be there for his mother?  Stay tuned!

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Quinn Takes the High Road and Proves She’s Changed, Or Gets Revenge On Eric’s Son Ridge?


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  1. Cathy Hackett says

    Evil is Evil and Quinn will never change for very long. so sick of this storyline. when will they ever show eric stand up be a real man for his family instead of thinking with his u know what

    1. Soap Opera Spy Editor says

      I think she was certainly portrayed as evil but they are trying to change her character and show us why she has behaved the way she did. Now they want us to get on board with a good man can change anymore. She does seem to be changing and doesn’t everyone deserve a chance?

  2. Joanne E Ardis says

    Steffy has once again proven that she is a hoe just like Brooke is. She has married Liam twice and lost their baby, then Married Wyatt and now running back to Liam once again only this time she is committing adultery by going to bed with Liam and possibly getting pregnant again.This time keep the hoe with her pimp…… It is more than enough with Steffi and her bouncing from Liam to Wyatt back to Liam…….

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