‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Steve Burton Prepares For ‘Y&R’ Exit, GH Fans Clamor For Return – What About Billy Miller?

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Steve Burton Prepares For 'Y&R' Exit, GH Fans Clamor For Return - What About Billy Miller?Steve Burton announced he is leaving CBS’ The Young and the Restless (Y&R) at the end of his contract, and General Hospital (GH) fans are frantic about him possibly returning to the show.  Steve Burton had tweeted that he had an amazing time at Y&R but it felt like it was time to move on to new adventures in his life.

When Burton initially left General Hospital, after portraying the role of Jason Quartermaine/Morgan for 21 years, it was mainly because they couldn’t, or wouldn’t accommodate his desire to spend more time with his family.  Maybe these “new adventures”, Steve Burton was talking about, could include coming back to GH; but not in the role he originally played.

Billy Miller is currently playing Jason Morgan, and although fans are split on whether they truly would like to see Burton return to the role, everyone is in agreement that they love and miss Steve Burton.  Burton could do the same thing as Michael Easton, who has played four different characters in Port Charles, or like Sarah Joy Brown, who played both Carly Corinthos and Claudia Zacchara.

The other possibility is that Steve Burton will return to General Hospital as Jason Morgan.  When Billy Miller initially took over the role, the storyline came with many plots and twists, including facial reconstructive surgery, which explained why he was unrecognizable to Port Charles and the people who loved him.

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Steve Burton Prepares For 'Y&R' Exit, GH Fans Clamor For Return - What About Billy Miller?

If General Hospital decides to bring Burton back as Jason, it could make some stories very explosive for a long time to come.  His wife, Samantha Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is now married to, and pregnant with the man everyone believes to be the real Jason. This could spell disaster for Jasam fans around the world.  As fans, how do you feel about the possible return of Steve Burton, would you like him to return as Jason, or as a completely different character?

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  1. ceecee says

    Not all GH fans want him back. I cannot picture him having done the job half as well when Jason was with Carly yesterday. Billy Miller can act. I know lots of people liked him as Jason but Jason was my least favorite character when Steve played him

  2. Sylvia Newcomb Foster says

    I would love to see Steve Burton return but in PLACE of Billy Miller, then things will be so back to when GH was at it’s best. Bringing him back as the real Jason would be a disaster

  3. Kevin Pham says

    people don’t want him back because they don’t want the ROLE of SAM to be spoiled…
    GET over yourselves..
    this show is called GENERAL HOSPITAL
    Steve Burton was here on this show making a major in a success boosting this show to higher heights at it’s raitings
    HOW DARE any fan tell STEVE BURTON what he can or cannot do!
    This is Steve Burton’s career he has every right to come back to GH portray the role he choose to have on this show.
    He is the reaons GH lasted this long before even the annoying role SAM ever appeared
    Allow Steve Burton to come back he can do what he wants this is his life and if he choose to come back to GH… GET OVER IT this is his life not yours…

    SO LET STEVE BURTON COME BACK and fufill his role on this show to whatever he choose to do as he desires that is acceptable to what the writers prescribe.


  4. OC O says

    Well it could go 2 ways:

    1.) One of them could play AJ Quartermaine.

    2.) They could do it like either like Roman Brady/John Black or like Todd Manning/Victor Lord Jr.

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