‘General Hospital’ POLL: Who Planted The Bomb In Julian’s Car? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: Who Planted The Bomb In Julian's Car? VOTE!At the end of Fridays “General Hospital” GH episode, we saw Morgan (Bryan Craig) standing on the bluff looking at Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) when Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) car exploded. Is this the end for Morgan? ABC spoilers tease Jason will be digging through the wreckage of Julian’s car, frantically trying to save Morgan when the 911 rescue team arrives. We may not find out for a while if Morgan is alive or just injured and missing but one thing is for sure: someone wanted Julian dead. Who planted that bomb in Julian’s car and caused Morgan’s demise? Any one of a number of mob bosses could be responsible.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)

Sonny is the obvious choice in this case since we know he ordered a hit on Julian. Sonny has been angry for weeks now that Julian has been set free. He was even seen in the metro court restaurant in an argument with Ava and Julian. Sonny went to the church to reconcile his actions with God and spoke with Griffin Monroe (Matt Cohen) about his need for vengeance and his questioning of his faith. Monroe was able to get through to Sonny and he called off the hit. Did he make it in time? Or was he tragically too late to save his son? Sonny has always vowed to protect his family and to lose Morgan by his own hand would devastate him. You will remember, Sonny told the hit man to make Julian’s death look like an accident. A bomb going off in his car certainly would not look like an accident; but Sonny never told the hit man how to cause the ‘accident’ and since he didn’t know of Sonny’s past history with car bombs he may have rigged the car in such a way as to have it look like the car malfunctioned.

Julian Jerome (William DeVry)

Julian vowed to ‘take’ Sonny out last week during their argument at the metro court restaurant. He told Sonny that he would be cold and dead in the ground. Last week Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) warned Julian to get out of town before something happened. Julian took this message from Sam as a warning that his rival Sonny Corinthos was out to kill him. Could he have decided to take matters in his own hands and ‘take’ Sonny out to make good on his promise? General Hospital spoilers hinted at a coming mob war/shootout between Sonny and Julian. Could Julian have rigged his own car to explode in order to justify retaliation? If you noticed, the car did not explode while Morgan was driving; it only blew up after Morgan exited the vehicle. If Julian knew the car was rigged to explode with a timer, he certainly would have time to exit the car without getting injured, thereby justifying his need for revenge. What he didn’t know was that Morgan would steal his car. Why else would he have his guard stand watch over the car that night?

Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi)

Last week we also saw D.A. Hornsby shipped off to Pentonville with a warning to Ava. When Paul first came to Port Charles last year his plan was to set himself up as the new mob boss in town by taking down Sonny’s organization. He nearly succeeded by shooting Sonny on his wedding day. Paul was also running guns into Port Charles so we know he had and may still have connections to the mob. Could he have ordered the hit on Julian as a warning to Ava that he could still reach her from his prison cell? Paul was not very pleased that he had to throw the trial because of Ava’s blackmail. Now that his secret is out, he doesn’t have anything to lose and maybe killing Julian is a way to redeem himself for the brutal murder of Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo).

Unknown (Mobster)

Julian Jerome and Sonny Corinthos have run Port Charles for a while now. There are always tough guys who want to step in and take over their territory. When it seemed Julian was surely going to prison on 3 counts of murder and attempted murder perhaps one of these ‘wise guys’ saw an opportunity to take Julian’s place? Once Julian was acquitted, this put a monkey wrench in their plans; causing the need to take Julian out. Another possibility could be the car really did malfunction; perhaps a manufacturer error. Either way, ABC spoilers tell us this tragedy will shake Port Charles and the Corinthos family to the core.

What do you think? Which mobster is responsible for blowing up Morgan. Please be sure to vote in our SOS poll.

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  1. Mable Shadwick says

    It’s either Duke’s son or Carlo’s brother,something is just not right with either one of them.They both have their reasons.

    1. Kevin Pham says

      GRIFFIN plot twist.. that would suck… and would be emmy worth material here

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