‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Monday October 17: Curtis Searches For Morgan’s Killer – Sonny and Julian Face Off – Jason Comforts Carly

'General Hospital' Spoilers Monday October 17: Curtis Searches For Morgan's Killer - Sonny and Julian Face Off - Jason Comforts Carly General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Monday October 17, 2016 reveal the showdown fans have been waiting for between Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Julian Jerome (William deVry).  Sonny feels like he has nothing to lose after his wife and kids have turned their backs on him.  He tells Julian that if he is putting him on notice, to take his best shot.

Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) is comforting Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) who is struggling to find another nursing job.  Franco informs Liz that he may have a solution to keep her local.  We all know that Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) has a lot of money.  Will Franco go to his mother for financial help to save the hospital?

Sources show Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) meets with Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), and it quickly turns in to a confrontation when Tracy is furious that Lucy is the real estate agent selling General Hospital.  Tracy steps up and shows her powerful side, telling Lucy that GH is on the chopping block and she is the Executioner!  Will Lucy help Tracy save the hospital, or will she go wherever the most money is?

Fans saw recently that Julian offered P.I. Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) a job, he couldn’t refuse.  Julian asked Curtis to find out who planted the bomb in his car that killed Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig).  The first person Curtis chooses to question is his nephew, TJ (Tequan Richmond), who was the last person to see Morgan alive, other than Jason Morgan (Billy Miller), who witnessed the explosion.  When Police Commissioner, Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) finds out what Curtis is doing, will she order him to stop, or will she ask for his help?

After the devastating loss of her son, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) has packed up her and her daughter, Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) things and moved out of Sonny’s house.  She is furious because she believes their son died at Sonny’s hands, that Sonny couldn’t let the vendetta go.  Jason comes to comfort Carly as she is wracked with guilt, feeling that she could have stopped this or prevented this, had she walked away sooner.

The guilt, sadness and blame continues into next week, be sure to tune into ABC’s General Hospital on Monday, October 17, 2016 to catch up on these stories and more.  Check Soap Opera Spy often for updates, news, rumors and spoilers!

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  1. susan says

    Will Lucy help Tracy save the hospital, or will she go wherever the most money is?

    well she always went where the money was….wonder if she’s changed


  2. susan says

    Police Commissioner, Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) finds out what Curtis is doing, will she order him to stop, or will she ask for his help?

    didn’t she quit…i’m confused….

    and besides, we all know that she won’t solve it…..so

    and where’s anna


    1. ceecee says

      Yes, where is Anna? Jordan is a horrible police commissioner, I wouldn’t miss the character. On another note, Laura Wright is killing it, everything Carly is on I end up crying along with her!

      1. susan says

        oh me too

        i didn’t see today’s show, i was out, but….

        she was wonderful yesterday and the day before


        especially with bobbie……

  3. Jai says

    I would love to see…..Tracy and Lucy working together to save GH. Plus, it would be unpredictable if Heather did a good deed for a change. I wonder, Y Heather is the only villain stuck in the Kraze house?!

    I’m not kraze about Ava, but MW is a great actress. I thought she was fantastic when she found out, about Morgan.

      1. Jai says

        I totally agree! Maura West is a very talented actress.

  4. Grannysmovin says

    So changed Curtis is now working for Julian the man who got a way with murdering Duke, Carlos and attempting to kill his wife? Funny Ava and Julian kill people and keep getting away with it and Sonny is being turned against without even trying to find out if that is just too obvious? How about the Casidine who may not be behind bars anymore, or Jacks and his brother, or Carlos’s family or associates, or how about the new girl in town?

  5. Kevin Pham says

    sadly i luv it when Laura Wright is like this… she really brings out the best of the character CARLY.. out from hiding i miss spiteful vengeful carly that is the real GH character Carly is supposed to be.. i hate seeing her be so nice to so many incoming strangers

        1. Jai says

          I don’t care for Ava, but love MW. I think MW is a great actress, although the character has ran its course.

          1. Jai says

            Oh, co-sign (I agree, right on, etc), I think that’s what you were inquiring. Kevin, please forgive me if you’re referring to something else.

          2. Kevin Pham says

            agreed Maura west is too good an actress for this show… tho i wish Marua West was on this show with a role like SAM’s but oh well we can only take what they can give to us….

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