‘Days Of Our Lives’ Rumor: Does Deimos Have A Secret Son In Salem?

'Days Of Our Lives' Rumor: Does Deimos Have A Secret Son In Salem?‘Days of our Lives’ rumors and spoilers tease that Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) will  be making a shocking confession to Xander (Paul Telfer) very soon. With all the many secrets that the Kiriakis family has, we are sure there are more to come.  Could the reveal be a life-changing one?  Will Deimos spill the beans to Xander that he is his father? This secret no doubt would rock Xander’s world.

Xander and Deimos are two relatively new characters on the NBC soap opera, and their histories and Kiriakis backstories have been kept under wraps. Despite the fact that  Victor has been around for many years on the show, Deimos just arrived in Salem in the past year.

What we do know about Xander is sketchy at best but the conclusions to make sense. During the duration of this storyline, Xander’s age hasn’t been revealed, and we’ve been told Deimos has been incarcerated for several decades.  But, it is a soap opera, and we know that in soap opera’s the writers have a way of rewriting history or bending the rules when it comes to characters’ ages a bit.

As many Days of our Lives viewers will recall, Deimos seems to have a slight case of baby fever, which he shared with Nicole. Then, shortly afterward, Deimos started concentrating on Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) baby, insisting it was his.  Maybe Deimos wants Chloe’s child to turn out to be his so that he can have a “parenting do-over.”

Xander supposedly has a father named Titus, the younger brother of Victor Kiriakis.  However, Titus was never mentioned nor seen in Salem until Xander arrived.  Is it possible that Xander was mislead his whole life, and “Titus” is actually Deimos.  Or perhaps Titus raised Xander as his own because Deimos was in prison?

How will the both Deimos and Xander react to the big news, if this turns out to be true? Is there a possibility for a real father-son relationship in this mess?  Or could Deimos’ big news be something entirely different?

As of right now, this rumor is nothing more than a rumor. However, if Xander and Deimos are related – it would certainly come as a shock and make things a bit more interesting and complicated in Salem. What do you think Days of our Lives viewers? Do you think it’s possible? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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