‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Will Wally Kurth Return As Ned Ashton Since Actor Is No Longer On Contract At ‘DOOL?’

'General Hospital' Speculation: Will Wally Kurth Return As Ned Ashton Since Actor Is No Longer On Contract At 'DOOL?'“General Hospital” rumors tease that Ned Ashton [Wally Kurth] may be headed back to Port Charles. It’s about time Oliva Falconeri [Lisa LoCicero] had a little romance back in her life.

Perpetuating the lie that little Leo had died was the reason Ned left town. But the handsome Quartermaine heir couldn’t keep Olivia’s secret anymore. The couple broke up and Oliva brought Leo back home, explain he was a she adopted.

It didn’t take Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn] to figure out the little guy was Leo. Olivia stopped lying, told Julian Jerome [William deVry] the truth and they are managing to co-parent Leo. Alexis and Olivia are even able to tolerate each other. So, why hasn’t Ned returned to town?

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The reason Ned had to be involved in spiriting Leo away from Port Charles was because Wally Kurth was headed back to “Days of Our Lives” as Justin Kirakis. But the actor has been dropped to recurring status by TPTB at “DOOL.” Does that give Kurth the freedom to come back to “GH” in a recurring role?

At this point it seems Wally Kurth is kind of hanging in limbo at “DAYS” and no one is quite sure if he is free to return to “General Hospital.” Technically Wally is still a “Days of Our Lives” cast member even though he is not under contract.

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Maybe Ned hasn’t heard the news that Julian knows he is Leo’s daddy. If he had Ned probably would have high-tailed it back to PC and reunited with Olivia. That could still happen! With Alexis and Julian’s wedding fast approaching maybe Ned will show up just in time to be Olivia’s plus one when Julian and Alexis exchange vows.
“General Hospital” fans, isn’t it time for Olivia to be romanced again? She and Ned were so good together, don’t you think?

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  1. Rosemarie Fike says

    As a follower of 48 years, if Wally (who I saw live in Pittsb.compliments Judith Light from Coulter ,where I live) they are friends….anyway…if he is not under contract then why can’t he come back to GH. ?? They seem to come and go sometimes due to making a movie, others are choice.??Please bring him back Olivia needs him and to spice up Gen. Hosp. he can still tour.make it real, part of the deal in thte story!!

  2. Linda motto says

    Yes yes yes, love Ned, GH needs him and so does ELQ he’s stable and Tracy can always depend on her son. Olivia and Ned made a good couple. Bring him home GH, bring him home!

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