‘General Hospital’ Poll: A Possible Maxie And Griffin Hook-Up, Hot Or Not? VOTE!

'General Hospital' Poll: A Possible Maxie And Griffin Hook-Up, Hot Or Not? VOTE! Trouble seems to brewing for those Naxie (Maxie and Nathan) fans. Rumors are circulating that ‘General Hospital’ may be looking to cast Claudette, Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) ex. If Claudette was to come to Port Charles this would definitely spell trouble for Maxie (Kirsten and Storms). Should the two encounter difficulty to maintain their relationship, Maxie may have to find a new man. Although there are so many potentials one in particular stands out; the hot new doctor Griffin Munroe (Matt Cohen).

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After Friday’s pre-emption, ‘General Hospital’ returned yesterday with brand new episodes. In yesterday’s show we saw Maxie meet Griffin for the first time. Their first meeting was super hot as Maxie bounced into the doctor in a towel while he is dripping wet. Oh Lord, what awesomeness it is too see this guy’s hot body on our screens? Cohen definitely has chemistry with all of his scene partners so far, but very soon this guy is going to need a woman in his life. Many were speculating that GH would pair him with Liz (Rebecca Herbst) since she is single. But, after yesterday’s show, a possible pairing of Maxie and Griffin is hot on the lips of viewers.

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There is no doubt that Nathan and Maxie are great together, but as we know there is no couple on these daytime dramas that lasts forever. There is no Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) anymore to cause trouble for them, but if Claudette shows up in PC we know things could take a turn for the worst for them. If Maxie and Nathan break up, it would be hot to see a potential Maxie and Griffin hook-up. So what do you think ‘General Hospital’ fans, were those shirtless scenes with Griffin and Maxie hot or not? Would you like to see these two get together somehow?

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