‘General Hospital’ Exclusive Interview: Brytni Sarpy Celebrates ‘GH’ One Year Anniversary – Talks Valerie’s Future in Port Charles

'General Hospital' Exclusive Interview: Brytni Sarpy Celebrates 'GH' One Year Anniversary – Talks Valerie’s Future in Port CharlesBrytni Sarpy [Valerie Spencer] joined the cast of “General Hospital” almost exactly a year ago and Soap Opera Spy had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with the actress. Brytni talked about what it is like to work with the casts of “GH” and where she hopes TPTB take Valerie in the Port Charles community.

SOS: Congratulations on one year with “General Hospital” Brytni! What was it like jumping right in and working with Tony Geary [Luke Spencer] and Dee Wallace [Patricia Spencer?

Brytni: Thank you! It was very exciting, a little intimidating but they I was able to get right into the storyline and into Valerie’s part in the storyline and was amazing. Working with Tony was something I only imagined. He’s such a warm and welcoming person. It was a very humbling experience.

SOS: Which “GH” cast members do you hope to work with or to work with more?

Brytni: I would love to see Valerie develop a friendship with Anna Devane [Finola Hughes]. I could see Anna taking Valerie under her wing once Valerie graduates from the police academy. Anna could be a great influence on Valerie’s future both professionally and personally.

I think Valerie and Jordan Ashford [Vinessa Antoine] have the potential for a very strong friendship. They’ve both been in a situation with the wrong man and both been in dark places after the breakup. It would be great if Anna, Jordan and Valerie could create a really strong team and watch out for each other.

SOS: We know you can’t tell us anything, but where do you hope the writers have planned for Valerie?

Brytni: I would like to see Valerie move onto the next chapter in her life. Branching out, making friends, putting down roots. Definitely putting Dante [Dominic Zamprogna] behind her! Valerie has grown so much as a person and I would like to see the writers have Valerie become emotionally available.

SOS: Any aspirations of working behind the camera, maybe directing?

Brytni: Right now I love acting and I want to work on perfecting my craft. I’m open to many things as my career broadens. But right now, I’m enjoying creating Valerie Spencer.

SOS: Did you watch soap operas growing up?

Brytni: All the women in my family watched soap operas. My most significant memory would be Luke and Laura’s wedding. It was iconic, it’s still iconic. I don’t think any soap wedding has ever equaled it.

SOS: When you’re not working, when you have downtime, what television shows do you like to watch?

Brytni: I love dramas. One of my favorites right now is “House of Cards.” I also enjoy the TGIT Shonda Rimes shows on ABC. “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” Shonda’s shows keep me guessing.

SOS: Thank you so much for taking time out of you day to speak with us today. We look forward to seeing what TPTB have in store for Valerie. And, what other projects you may have in the works.

“General Hospital” fans are you excited to see more of Brytni? What do you think about a possible storyline involving a personal and professional connection to Anna and Jordan?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy daily for news and updates on all of your favorite ‘GH’ stars.

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  1. Ann Marie Blon says

    I would love see Valerie and Anna and Jordan team up. I still want to see Dante and Valerie get a chance as a couple. The writing would have to be better for Dante and Valerie. Dominic and Brytni have so much chemistry together.

  2. Sarah Fitzgerald says

    Not really. Valerie’s character is pretty one dimensional. Maybe she will be better if they flesh her out more. Clearly they brought her in to be part of the Lulu and Dante bust up and didn’t have much else planned.I don’t buy her as a cop but maybe that will get better. Valerie won’t be friends with Jordan if she continues on with Curtis though. I think there is more to him than meets the eye and I don’t think she should let Jordan push her to dump him. They seem to have something going on. More than she had with Dante — which was pretty flat. Of course, how long will the writers leave them alone? I’m not sure about Anna and Valerie. Anna has a lot going on right now.

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