‘Dark Shadows’ Mystery: Who Was Victoria Winters? Jamison Selby, Son of David Selby, Reveals Secret In ‘Return To Collinwood’

‘Dark Shadows’ Mystery: Who Was Victoria Winters? Jamison Selby, Son of David Selby, Reveals Secret In 'Return To Collinwood'Every episode of ‘Dark Shadows’ began with Victoria Winters’ voice over. Who can forget the iconic introduction, “My name is Victoria Winters”?

What did life have in store for Victoria [Alexandra Moltke] as a governess at Collinwood? She entered a world of people she did not know who quickly filled her days and nights of her todays and tomorrows.

When ‘Dark Shadows’ was canceled in 1971 fans were left wondering if Victoria had truly unlocked the key to her past. Jamison Selby, son of David Selby [Quentin Collins] wrote a play ‘Return to Collinwood’ in which he imagined who Victoria Winters was and how she was connected to the Collins family.

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Eleven members of the original ‘Dark Shadows’ cast were reunited on August 31, 2003 for a dramatic reading of Jamison Selby’s two-hour play. Questions left unanswered, mysteries left unsolved were all part of Jamison’s updated interpretation of what happened to Victoria, Barnabas Collins [Jonathan Frid] Dr. Julia Hoffman [Grayson Hall], Carolyn Stoddard [Nancy Barrett] and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard [Joan Bennett].

Jamison Selby sets the stage – the Collins family has gathered for the reading of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard’s last will and testament and the question of Victoria’s past is revealed.

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Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock before Carolyn Stoddard’s birth. That daughter was Victoria Winters. In the late 1960s Victoria was transported into the past. In the will Elizabeth instructs Carolyn to find Victoria and bring her home to Collinwood.

Eleven members of the original cast of ‘Dark Shadows’ made an audio version of the play. ‘DS’ fans who want to hear more of the playwright’s interpretation of the mysteries of Collinwood can purchase a copy through the MPI Home Video website.

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