‘Youthful Daze’ News: Everybody Loves Raymond’s Madylin Sweeten Suing Producer Bryan James For $28,020

'Youthful Daze' News: Everybody Loves Raymond's Madylin Sweeten Suing Producer Bryan James For $28,020Youthful Daze‘ creator and producer Bryan James has just been slapped with a lawsuit.  ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ alum Madylin Sweeten is taking James to court and suing him to the tune of $28,020.    (We’re not sure where the $20 comes in – it seems like a pretty odd number).  A new report from TMZ reveals that Madylin is claiming James tricked her in to investing in the internet soap – and then did not hold up his end of the bargain.

Apparently, Bryan James approached Sweeten to appear in the new season of ‘Youthful Daze‘ and convinced her to invest in the show as well as star in it.  Madylin was a bit uneasy about the idea – but finally caved and handed over the check, but on one term – she wanted a creative say in the storyline and the upcoming season.

According to TMZ, Bryan James took Madylin’s money and then “blew her off.”  The website is reporting, “Sweeten says he agreed, but simply blew her off … making casting and filming decisions without her consent. Sweeten says James later admitted he never intended to hand her the reins. She’s looking to get her investment back, plus damages.” 

Ironically, last month Bryan James and ‘Youthful Daze‘ were in the news because he was reportedly suing ‘General Hospital’ star Bryan Craig – who had also appeared in the web soap opera.  It was unclear what exactly Craig was being sued for, but he made it very clear on Twitter that he was not happy about it and even tweeted that he regretted ever working for Bryan James on ‘Youthful Daze.’

Do you believe Madylin’s accusations?  Will ‘Youthful Daze‘ be able to survive all of this bad press?

Statement from Bryan James 5/14/16:

“Madylin Sweeten breached a 40,000 contract with me and lied to the media for the purposes of trying to ruin my reputation. She never even got me served until three days ago. I immediately filed a counter suite yesterday for defamation to the tune of 1.5 million dollars. Our next court date is in mid July. I am seeking damages for business defamation as well as getting her actions against me thrown out on the basis that there is no merit for what she did or said against me to begin with. She simply decided without cause to breach our agreed contract and lie to TMZ where they didn’t even report their was a contract and made me sound like someone I simply am not.

We had a contract which is what I do with every single person I work with at no time would I ever commit fraud or steal from any individual for any reason.   I wish her the best but do not appreciate the lies and smear campaign against me and am looking forward to legal justice when the time comes.” 

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  1. Danielle says

    The show is poor quality despite the soap cast members. I bet these aren’t the only two lawsuits happening. Remember when Cady McClain was a cast member/producer. That was announced and she got replaced by Sarah Brown. Constantly new cast members. This show is a mess.

  2. Oscar says

    The show gets thousands of viewers monthly, it is actually a very well done web series and Bryan James is fantastic on it. In terms of revolving casts, what soap opera doesn’t have it. Props to this one for breaking ground on the internet — “drama” and all.

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