‘The Young And The Restless’ Interview: Jason Thompson Reveals Why He Left ‘General Hospital’ – Dishes On Patrick Drake Exit And Playing Billy Abbott

'The Young And The Restless' Interview: Jason Thompson Reveals Why He Left 'General Hospital' - Dishes On Patrick Drake Exit And Playing Billy AbbottJason Thompson will be debuting as Billy Abbott on “The Young and the Restless” on Jan. 14, 2016. In a candid interview with Soap Opera Digest, Jason talks about the anxiety about disappointing his fans, worrying he’ll never measure up as Billy Abbott, and what led to his decision to walk away from Dr. Patrick Drake.

Jason said the decision to leave “General Hospital” was not an easy choice. He explained five months ago, he met with Jill Farren Phelps, and she expressed interest in hiring him on “Y&R.” At the time, she didn’t have a character in mind, but promised him better storylines, and not to be placed on the back burner The truth is when she started trying to get Jason on board “Y&R,” it is believed that Burgess Jenkins hadn’t arrived at his decision to leave the role of Billy Abbott. Jason explained that if he hadn’t decided to leave “GH” he would have fought harder for the soap to give him more airtime with a compelling storyline.

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Thompson said he isn’t burned out. “I love what I do,” the handsome actor beamed. Thompson said that he wasn’t sure there was anything “GH” could have done to keep him on the show. He needed a change and a more challenging role, implying he may have outgrown the role of Patrick.

Jason admitted that he felt extremely nervous about being well received as Billy Abbott.  Even though he is nervous about the new role, he admitted to a feeling of being excited about the endless possibilities of the iconic role of Billy Abbott.  Jason Thompson said it will be nerve-wracking at first until he settles in the role, especially since there have been so many actors in the role in the past few years.

Jason Thompson smiled and noted that the ending “GH” gave him was fitting. He cannot wait for the fans to see it and see the reaction. Jason explained it was hard in the final scenes to separate Jason’s feelings from Dr. Drake’s emotions; however, in the end, it all came together.

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Thompson said that he would not miss medical jargon, and is ecstatic about portraying a businessman. Jason noted another thing he won’t miss is the scrubs and welcomed ‘normal’ casual wear. He explained he would miss the hospital set and playing a doctor.

Jason Thompson explained how grateful he was for the opportunity to contribute to “General Hospital” legacy. He wanted the fans of “Y&R” to know that he will do whatever he can bring justice to the character of Billy. He hopes the fans will give him a fair chance. He noted he hoped they will give him some time to get to know Billy Abbott.

 To his “GH” fans, he wanted them to know how special each one of them is to him. He explained how much the past few months had meant to him, and thanked the fans for the support for ten long years!   Are you excited to see Jason Thompson’s debut on Jan. 14?

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  1. Tamara Dozier says

    Love Jason, but I can’t watch Y&R, too boring.

    1. mary says

      I agree. I tried watching Y&R. It was too slow moving and boring. and I think they just replay the same stories over and over again. but good luck.

  2. Mary Canne says

    I really liked Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake and Emma dad. I will be sad to see him go.

  3. Sharon says

    Jason I can’t wait to see You play Billy Abbot trust Me You Can’t be worst then the last two

  4. Loretta says

    I hope they take care of Dr. Drake over at Y&R. They had a perfectly good Billy Abbot in Billy Miller and theysent him packing so I do not trust them.

    1. Whitney says

      I loved Billy Miller, and that’s partially the reason I could not find an ounce of empathy for Jenkins’ interruption of Billy!

  5. Whitney says

    I have hated Billy more than I can describe. Finally realizing that Burgess Jenkins must have been doing a fabulous job. I like the persona of Jason Thompson, and believe that he will do Billy justice. I’d like to have a least occasionally have a little sympathy for Billy which I have not since Jenkins took over. Maybe Jason Thompson will add dimension to the character.

  6. Linda says

    I love you as Patrick on GH and I know I will love you playing Billy Abbott on Young and Restless. Good luck and I know you will do us proud.

  7. Josephine says

    You are an outstanding actor, Jason Thompson and will do an awesome job no matter who you play in a role. I’m absolutely gonna miss dr. Drake. But I will open arms ya on billy Abbott in young N Restless. Good£uck on your new adventure.

  8. Rosemary says

    A great actor on such a boring soap. I will watch it to see how Jason will do but he should have stayed on General Hospital. Jason Thompson is not a drunk and a gambler. This role does nothing for his great talent. Just want him to be happy

  9. Terri says

    Jason, I most definitely will give you a chance in the role of Billy. I love your acting. Good Luck

  10. carole says

    i thank they all play a very good rool

  11. Dawn jacquay says

    I hate to see Jason Thompson leave GH, he is a great actor and will definitely be truly missed. I don’t watch Y&R, but sense he is moving over there I might try and watch it. I would have liked to see him on DOOL, sense I watch that soap too. However, they have been killing characters off like flies on a wall so I may stop watching DOOL. That will be hard I have been a fan of DOOL as well as GH for over 30 yrs. Anyhow, I wish the very best of luck to Jason Thompson in his new Chapter in life, although I pray one day he will go back to GH as Patrick Drake. Jason’s character Patrick Drake will be missed on GH for sure. I hate seeing all good characters leave a show, but I understand that people need to do what’s best for them. God Bless Jason Thompson

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