‘General Hospital’ (GH) News: Billy Miller NOT Returning TO Y&R – Jason Morgan Staying In Port Charles

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Billy Miller NOT Returning TO Y&R - Jason Morgan Staying In Port CharlesSoap opera fans have all heard the rumor by now. Billy Miller is quitting “General Hospital” to reprise his role of Billy Abbott on “Y&R.” It seems that certain media outlet keeps posting the news over and over, and reporting it as a fact. According to ABC, it is nothing but fan fiction created by an overzealous super fan.

Over the past six months, rumors have swirled that Billy Miller was leaving “General Hospital” after his contract with the show was up in October. And, that’s not all, certain media outlets reported that he was moving back to “Y&R” to reprise is his role as Billy Abbott. Today, ABC executive, Nathan Varni confirmed that Billy Miller is not going anywhere.

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Billy Miller NOT Returning TO Y&R - Jason Morgan Staying In Port CharlesOver the past couple months, there have been multiple news reports that Billy Miller was considering leaving the ABC soap opera. They have cited reasons from not getting along with the cast to be overall not happy with the material written for Jake. One fact that you can’t dispute, “GH” can’t get rid of him now- the big Jason reveal hinges on Billy Miller.

After months of speculation and rumors, ABC let the fans know that they can rest assured Billy Miller was sticking around. Burgess Jenkin will stay in the role of Billy Abbott on “Young and the Restless. “Fans had a hard time accepting Jenkins in the role of Billy Abbott. The problem keeps coming up is Billy Miller was a perfect Billy Abbott. When you think of what Billy Abbott is, you immediately have a vision of Billy Miller. He embodied the perfect Billy. He chose to leave the role and pursue other career opportunities- and as his fans, you must support him in that. And, please don’t discount that Burgess Jenkins has worked hard to make the role his own.

So soap fans, there you have it; Billy Miller is not leaving “General Hospital.” He will stay on and see the Jason reveal to the end. And, “Y&R” fans, you have to embrace and accept Burgess Jenkins, because it looks like he’s there for the long haul.

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  1. Verna Gabriel says

    Thank God he is not leaving! GH has a much bigger role for him than Y&R. Why should he even think of leaving ?

  2. Pris Hodges says

    I am very happy that Billy Miller is staying in GH as he has absolutely given the character of Jason Morgan a great deal of depth. I also am glad that Burgess Jenkins is safe in his recast role of Billy Abbott. He brings a mature side to this character that can “turn on a dime” if need be. Soap fans are the winners as we get to see both actors on our favorite daytime soap. Thank you Billy for staying with GH. Congrats to Burgess for claiming the Billy Abbott role. Kudos to you both.!!!!!

    1. Unhappy GH fan says

      I hate Billy Miller as Jason. Come back Steve

      1. deb says

        I loooove billy as jake/jason i prefer him over steve been watching general hospital since the late 1970’s

      2. Elizabeth says

        I hated what they did to jason(steve burton) over the years, and found no socially redeeming moments in turning him into a murderer for-hire/sage and loyal friend duality. I hope they give this new “jason’ depth, and keep him away from death. I’d say let jason and liz have a real shot at being a family, but this jason’s soul is dead anyway and he deserves either sam or carly .

      1. angela says

        I agree with Ron… Burgess Jenkins is very boring! Billy Miller in his role as Billy Abbott alongside Victoria was great! Anyone would be better than Burgess Jenkins!!

        1. BRENDA says

          Well maybe anyone besides the original Billy Abbott; David Toms. He was good years ago with JT, Raul and Mac but when they brought him back briefly, he just didn’t fit with Victoria. I kept thinking he was her little brother not husband. He just was a total miscast in the grown up version of Billy,

        2. Jody Detato says

          I think CBS should get Billy Miller back as Billy Abbott at any cost. The chemistry with Victoria was the best chemistry between two actors the show has EVER had, We need him back on Y & R. Fan since the beginning of the show. I am sooooooooo disappointed this is not happening I was so excited when I heard it might happen.

      2. Darlene Williams says

        I read somewhere yesterday that Burgess is leaving because he wants to and that Patrick from General Hospital is coming to young and restless to play Billy.

    2. Audrey says

      I have watched GH for many years as i have with Y&R. I love Billy miller as Jake as i did as Billy on Y&R. He is such a great actor and so goodlooking. I will follow him anywhere. And Steve on Y&R is perfect Dylan. Love that guy. And i love the fanpage also. I want that so called Dr Anderson ecposed for what she is doing to Sharon.

    3. Patsy L Calhoun says

      I don’t like this Jason I wish they would have left Jsdon dead because Liz is who he wants after she hshe has liedvto him kept it from Sam and Danny and is deceitful and tried to get him to marry her knowing he was already married that is a very Sicko person who would won’t such a person in their life evidently him a warped messed up in the head man..I wish he would leave or end up killed again unless he goes back tovSam and Danny and makes a life with them now that Patrick is with Robin and Sam is alone which is what Liz needs to be alone..

  3. Susan Tenentes says

    Thank god, Billy Miller, will be staying on as Jason. I am loving Billy in the Role, of Jake/Jason, but I hope he stays on, further then just the reveal of Jason. He is doing an incredible job on GH

    1. deb says

      I agree 100% please keep billy as jake/jason he is so cute too i watched him on all my children too but like his character on general hospital more omg that scene last wk when he came in & took out 3 guys to save sonny & tj was so exciting edge of seat kinda scene billy was born to play this character & love how scott baldwin is back at playing scott like he is known for over the years keep up the good writing new writers of general hospital

  4. Barbara says

    I really like the new Jason he has brought a lot to General hospital I can’t wait for him to find out who he really is

  5. Donna Clunan says

    Great news! Now let’s put all those rumors to rest and continue to enjoy Billy Miller as Jason Morgan.

  6. Diane Stevens says

    I think he is the perfect one to replace our former Jason. He looks like a combo of Jason and AJ. He has perfected the moves, expressions, and humor as well as the “big guns” and in the recent shootings….He is excellent! I really hope he stays on for a very long time. GH is well known for their great recasting. I think my mother would have even loved him! She was a strong Steve Burton fan still at almost 92 and my daughter brought his pic into the hospital and it made her smile and laugh and made one of her last great photos ….holding the picture. I think she would have loved Billy Miller. He has it all………..Please keep him!

  7. Katondra watkins says

    I miss him as Billy Abbott on Young and the Restless the ones that have replaced him or not good actors they’re terrible

  8. Katondra watkins says

    I miss him is Billy Abbott on Young and the Restless the actors that have replaced him are terrible they need to go

  9. Trina AchaneT says

    I like Bill Miller but nobody plays Jason like Steve Burton he was the man he was best for Sam,Sonny, andCarly.

    1. Hel says

      Steve Burton doesn’t want the job back on GH. He moved to the East Coast to live and raise his family. BILLY MILLER is doing a great job and has drawn in the GH fans and made the role his.

      1. Camille Martinho Collins says

        Yes he moved to Tennessee but he is still working in LA.. I will always miss Steve Burtons Jason. But we will get used to billy as he remembers who he is.. and who knows maybe someday Steve will return have an accident and they will do plastic surgery and he will get his face Back, It could happen in our Beloved soap land..For Now Good Luck to both Steve & Billy.. <3

  10. Trina AchaneT says

    I believe that general hospital should bring Steve Burton back this is what’s best for the show and will make the rating high

  11. Barb says

    I was not sure about Billy Miller taking on the role of Jake on GH as he was so good as Billy Abbott on Y&R, but he has taken off with this role! Also, Steve Burton playing Dylan on Y&R is a major bonus for me! Burgess Jenkins as Billy Abbott is great, especially since Y&R had some trouble casting the role.
    There are some actors who are perfect for the part they play, an example who else but Maurice Bernard could be Sonny Corinthos or Eric Braeden as Victor Newman? We identify the actor as the character, and Billy Miller now identifies as Jake on GH!

    1. Lynette says

      Billy Miller owns the role of billy Abbott.

  12. Jeanne says

    I want him back on Y&R! He was the best!!! Great actor love him!

  13. Saddie says

    I wish everyone would move back to there old roles

  14. Georgina says

    I think Billy Miller was a good choice if they couldn’t bring back Steve Burton. The problem is how they wrote the character back into the story and Billy Miller – Jake/Jason and Kelly Monaco Sam Morgan have great chemistry.

  15. Sabrina says

    There’s only one Jason Morgan and his name is Steve Burton. GH should in do whatever it takes to bring him back. The same is true for Billy Miller. His role as Billy Abbott is irreplaceable.

  16. jean says

    I hate the Jake/Elizabeth relationship. Why is she always so desperate? I think Billy is doing a great job in tge role. He actually has more chemistry with Kelly. Let’s just get the reveal done and move on.

  17. Sharon HILL says

    Glad to know Y&R are not changing Billy’s again.

  18. silkyfine49 says

    I’m loving Billy as Jason on GH too , he does great work as Jason, hopefully soon Jason gets his memory back ,I love him with Sam, so Steve Burton I still miss you, been watching GH since the late 70s I loves all the characters on GH and good luck to you Billy Miller playing Jason hope you stay at GH

  19. Linda Barnett says

    Billy. Miller is the only one who does Billy Abbott the best. Also bring back the orginal Actor who played Adam Newman Get rid of the Actress. Hunter she stinks and is lying brat

  20. Nancy Wiese says

    Just sayin…. since Daniel Cosgrove might be done on DOOL… I think he would make a great Billy on Y&R!!!

  21. Kay Garrett says

    Steve Burton grew up on General Hospital. He can not be replaced. Also he was to smart to be unaware of his past for so long. Just the facial expressions Steve had as Jason that said so much with so few words is something Billy Miller has not been able to duplicate. Billy Miller was excellent on Y & R and though I started watching to see Steve Burton after it was announced that he accepted a job there; one of the first shows was Billy’s daughter getting killed. Billy was excellent in that role. He will never be a true replacement for Steve Burton as Jason.
    What ABC did to Steve Burton and other long standing stars of General Hospital showed they have no decency toward the actors or loyalty to the fans. I don’t think they can ever get Steve Burton back to do anything on ABC and I don’t blame him for feeling that way. That is why he moved his family and was probably looking for work in Nashville.
    If my Mother had not started watching the show I would have stopped after 30 years of seeing it. Her memory is not good enough to know how stupid the writing is consistently. They always have to wait until someone’s wedding to mess it up. Even with new writers it’s just as stupid and predictable as it has been for at least five or ten years.

  22. Kay Garrett says

    My comment is being moderated because I told the truth.

  23. kevin says

    Get rid of Ava. Ms west is unattractive as hell

  24. Sara Halverson says

    Billy Abbott is supposed to be a middle aged man and Burgess Jenkins makes him seem like an old man…I don’t like it!! Come back Billy Miller!!! Since it’s on topic, bring back Michael Mahoney as Adam Newman. Justin Hartley is a awesome replacement, but I love Michael Mahoney!! He is truly the Adam I love! Hunter is a lier, Michael didn’t touch her, she wanted in affair with him but he wouldn’t have it! Anyone would want one with him! He’s gorgeous!?

  25. Jo-Anne Ondrus says

    Will never accept Burgess as Billy Abbott!
    Loved Billy Miller in the role! You can take Steve Burton for G H. He is a blah actor on Y&R, rarely changing
    expression. I would take MM for Adam any day as was fantastic!

  26. Melinda says

    Steve Burton is an excellent actor. I am sure Billy Miller is talented as well but he is not right for the role of Jason Morgan. There are some roles actors are meant to play. No one but Tony Geary could play Lukes Spencer; Maurice Bernard is Sonny Corinthos and Steve Burton is the actor that created Jason Morgan from the boring Jason Quatermaine. Burton didn’t want to leave GH. They weren’t willing to work with him. Hopefully ABC has learned to value GH and talented actors. Long time fans of the show and the real Jason live in hope!!! Let Billy play Jake – whoever he really is – if he wants. Two things are certain: 1) Jake is NOT Jason. and 2) Jake (Billy) have zero chemistry! I mean seriously, these two couldn’t make chemistry together if you gave them a chemistry set. I honestly feel bad for the actors when they have a love scene because it is so stilted and awkward.

  27. Melinda says

    Jake and Elizabeth have zero chemistry.

    1. Sabrina says

      Better than Sam Jason and Liz belong together. Sam is annoying she needs to be written off

  28. Michele says

    It is totally taking too long on revealing that Jake is really Jason story line is really dragging I hope that they reveal the truth soon too many people already know the truth.
    🙁 🙁

  29. KeKe says

    First I agree with everyone else here who said-Bring M. Mahoney back. He was Adam. J. Hartley is a great Gabriel. I also agree with the folks who say Billy Miller is terrible as Jason!! And Burgess Jenkins isnt the right Billy. Billy Miller was the best Billy!!. I can’t stand watching Miller and Jenkins as these characters. Steve Burton was “Jason.” Recasts can work but not with Jason and Billy.

  30. Tara says

    I love Steve burton he was (Jason) but, Billy Miller has stepped in and I’m loving him more each day!

  31. Christine says

    I think Billy is doing a great job on GH. Not to mention extremely easy on the eyes!?

  32. Deb says

    Billy Miller was an excellent Billy Abbott. Even though I miss him I’m really liking Burgess Jenkins in the role. He’s doing an excellent job. He had huge shoes to fill but he’s made his role as Billy his own.

  33. gayle says

    We hate the Billy on Y & R. He is boring, no personality and unattractive. He can’t act. Yuk. Surely you can do better than that.

  34. Dawn says

    I agree with Kevin, Ava and the actress portraying her, add nothing to the show, no matter what character you cast her as, she is just ick. Tired of Elizabeth too.

  35. Diane says

    There is no one that can play Jason. Jason was so perfect.just like no one can play Billy they both done had the experience now they need to go back to their original place. We love them for the roles that they created why mess it up now

  36. Diane Woods says

    I have been watching General Hospital for 50 years, awesome soap opera, the best on TV,Billy Miller is awesome, he plays the role of Jason like an actor should,very handsome, strong man,smart,affectionate keeps your attention,love General Hospital, very good cast members !!

  37. Pamela says

    Billy Miller is the only one for the part of Billy Abbott on Y&R. He is the best, I miss him. Burgess Jenkins does not play the part well. He has no spunk ! I want Billy back!!!!!

  38. GH Fan says

    I did accept Billy as Jason but I now completely changed my mind! I agree with others who say he has brought a certain depth to the roll of Jason. Frankly, he gave Jason a bit more warmth without taking away his strength. He speaks instead of making faces although I adored Steve Burton, still do but Billy, you’re a great Jason!

  39. GH Fan says

    Correction on previous post …. I did not accept Billy as Jason and I do now he’s amazing

  40. GH Fan says

    Agh…. Meant to say I did not accept Billy at first

  41. layla says

    When Billy first came on gh as Jason I hated him.
    But the more I watched him the more I liked him,
    He is a great actor and there is something very
    Endearing about him. I love the chemistry between
    Kelly and Billy.I cant wait for them to get together
    On the show from what I hear they are already dating in real life.!! 🙂

  42. Debby says

    To bad Jenkins has already left so is this all bs??

  43. Elizabeth says

    I’d really, really like the murdering to go away and take the soulless demons sonny, carly, sam, and all the NEW psychopaths with them!! I hate what was done to jason’s character over the decades, and maybe this new actor is the redemption somehow. WHO KNOWS!!!

    1. Anonymous says

      I think it strange that a normal thinking person
      who watches the soaps would make a stupid statement
      that the actor playing Adam Newman , is a liar, for the
      grace of all that is holy; this actor is playing a part , that
      has been written in for him by , so don’t blame him, blame whomever wrote the script, and as far as the young man, i think he is a great actor, he is a very
      handsome young man, great actor, love him, and his
      part he protrays.You go Adam !!!

  44. Elsa Roach says

    I love Steven Burton as Jason. Please bring him back G H is not the same. I have been faithful viewer for years. Please bring Steve back.

  45. Shirley says

    Billy Miller please come back to the Young and the Restless we missed you so very very much please come back make us happy again you are the best truly the best. For sure you are the you are the best looking onev

  46. Carrie Lee Butler says

    I love Steve Burton I think he’s a good actor.I loved him on Y and R and I love him on G and H.He’s so handsome and sexy he played on two Lifetime movies and he were great .

  47. delia says

    the old jason left leave him there.I like billy better who cares for yr I do not,get rid of victor.

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