‘General Hospital’ (GH) News: Billy Miller NOT Returning TO Y&R – Jason Morgan Staying In Port Charles

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Billy Miller NOT Returning TO Y&R - Jason Morgan Staying In Port CharlesSoap opera fans have all heard the rumor by now. Billy Miller is quitting “General Hospital” to reprise his role of Billy Abbott on “Y&R.” It seems that certain media outlet keeps posting the news over and over, and reporting it as a fact. According to ABC, it is nothing but fan fiction created by an overzealous super fan.

Over the past six months, rumors have swirled that Billy Miller was leaving “General Hospital” after his contract with the show was up in October. And, that’s not all, certain media outlets reported that he was moving back to “Y&R” to reprise is his role as Billy Abbott. Today, ABC executive, Nathan Varni confirmed that Billy Miller is not going anywhere.

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Billy Miller NOT Returning TO Y&R - Jason Morgan Staying In Port CharlesOver the past couple months, there have been multiple news reports that Billy Miller was considering leaving the ABC soap opera. They have cited reasons from not getting along with the cast to be overall not happy with the material written for Jake. One fact that you can’t dispute, “GH” can’t get rid of him now- the big Jason reveal hinges on Billy Miller.

After months of speculation and rumors, ABC let the fans know that they can rest assured Billy Miller was sticking around. Burgess Jenkin will stay in the role of Billy Abbott on “Young and the Restless. “Fans had a hard time accepting Jenkins in the role of Billy Abbott. The problem keeps coming up is Billy Miller was a perfect Billy Abbott. When you think of what Billy Abbott is, you immediately have a vision of Billy Miller. He embodied the perfect Billy. He chose to leave the role and pursue other career opportunities- and as his fans, you must support him in that. And, please don’t discount that Burgess Jenkins has worked hard to make the role his own.

So soap fans, there you have it; Billy Miller is not leaving “General Hospital.” He will stay on and see the Jason reveal to the end. And, “Y&R” fans, you have to embrace and accept Burgess Jenkins, because it looks like he’s there for the long haul.

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  1. Wyvonnia. Rodriguez says

    I have been both a fan of yr and gh for years.My family is crazy about the character that plays sonny,Sam, carly and sam.where. we loved steve as jason and was upset. To see him go we love Billy Miller in the new role as well.bring in the new character gave the writers .the chance to bring more depth to the role.would love to see them put him back with Sam.those two are just. Sizzling. Together.
    YR ofcouse victor is the man.we love the new adam, he brings the hard side as well as the vulnerability. Of the character.i think the new Billy is great wasn’t. Sure about him at first but he definitely. Made the character his. Steve. As Dylan is wonderful.love him as the character.
    So i will keep watching.i still am advocate. Fans of both shows.

    1. joan says

      I love billy miller( Jason) and I wish he could get back with sam liz is using little jake to get Jason back and that is wrong to use your child .it will all come back and bite her sam and Jason are totally a great team

      1. Barbara says

        I love the person playing Jason Morgan on general hospit al Hosp.Billy Miller is awesome

  2. geneva says

    I think Jason should get back with Sam and Elizabeth should end up bye her self thats what she deairves.

  3. Stacey says

    I wasn’t sure about the new Jason (Billy Miller) but I am a huge fan of General Hospital. It didn’t take me but a couple of episodes to fall in love with Jason (Billy). I think its time for Jason and Sam to get back together. I would love to see Elizabeth with Nichols. I always thought they were good together (since Emily isn’t ever coming back!) Lol
    I just love the show and everyone on it. Well…I don’t like Olivia messing with Alexis. Alexis is one of my favorites. I use to watch her on Santa Barbara back in the 80’s.

  4. Donna says

    A harsh judgement of Liz. Jake is the only one in Port Charles that hasn’t lied about something. And I say Jake because Elizabeth fell in love with Jake who turned out to be Jason while Sam always loved Jason even with the same qualities is not the same man she married. She left a happy relationship with Patrick for “what might be”. How many of us dream of doing that? How many actually do it? Both women love him, one in the present and one from the past. But after all art imitates life and he just may meet someone new.

  5. Lbona says

    Today, Jan 13th, I just read that Jason Thompson now has the role of Billy Abbott. The other guys going back to GH. This article is totally wrong.

  6. julie says

    I’ve been watching general for many yrs, since Sonny came on, i love, love, Jason and sam together, they are a match madein heheaven and they just get each other, Jason needs to get his memories back and get back with Sam, for real…

  7. Stephanie says

    I always loved Jason and Sam together .I want them to be together now. I also am glad Elizabeth got found out

  8. Stephanie says

    I love Jason and Sam together and I’m glad that Elizabeth was found out

  9. Kate says

    I love Jason but if people are true fans of GH they should know no matter what Liz has always been there for Jason they never lied to one another I hate when the writers made it to where Liz started lying to jason…Elizabeth was first Jason always pushed her away then Sam came but I still think no matter what Jason and Elizabeth should still share a bond beyond the child they should be together actually just give them a real shot for once..

  10. Joan says

    Jason Thompson is the new Billy, what I want to know is where is Michael E. Knight? He is such a fabulous actor, bring him onto GH if Y&R isn’t using him, his exceptional talent needs to be used! Who’s with me on this topic, to bring Michael E Knight to GH??

  11. ChellaBella says

    Young and Restless major screw ups
    No one will ever replace Billy Miller, just like the old Abby. Give them the money they want especially because they are worth it. The new Phyllis, spot on. Good choice on that one.

  12. Carol says

    Liz slept with Zander while she and Jason were exploring being together. That’s not honest.

  13. Bpayne says

    Young @ restless is the bomb I luv it and I really luv Adam newmen he is so cute young@restless is the #1 on soaps 4ever

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