‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Michael Quartermaine Makes a Big Mob Move, Will He Avenge Sonny’s Shooting?

'General Hospital' (GH) Spoilers: Michael Quartermaine Makes a Big Mob MoveThings are happening fast for Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] and this ‘General Hospital’ spoiler takes a look at how deep Michael will get into the mob syndicate and the possible fall out. We will see Michael go darker, both literally and metaphorically. We’ve already seen Mikey dressed out in head to toe black – channeling shades of Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] and Jason Morgan [Billy Miller].

And with this week’s big meeting of the five families of the local mobs, we’ll see Michael make an even bigger move. We saw Michael announce himself as “Michael Corinthos” not Quartermaine, and that is a huge signal of things to come. He has publicly acknowledged that he’s a Corinthos and, even more significantly, the new boss of Sonny’s crime syndicate. But Michael won’t be doing it alone.

It’s true that Michael put the kibosh on Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] representing the family at the meeting because he’s a hothead but that doesn’t mean he’s cut Morgan out of the family biz altogether. In fact, Michael and Morgan will team up – much like the brothers in The Godfather – and prove a formidable foe for Ava Jerome [Maura West] and Paul Hornsby [Richard Burgi] of the Jerome syndicate.

In a way, Michael is much more dangerous than Sonny could ever be because he’s so cool and calculating. Michael is ruthless in a way neither Sonny nor Morgan can be since he’s a different kind of thinker – he’s strategic and clever. Michael showed just how willing he is to make a big move when he took baby Avery from dad Sonny as retribution for Sonny killing AJ.

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And what will Michael do to Ava and her crew as retribution for Sonny’s shooting? They took a shot at the only father he has left and Mikey will not allow the Jeromes to harm any of the Corinthos family. Michael’s assumption of power will scare Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright]. Carly may tolerate Sonny’s mob lifestyle since he’s been in it since they met, but her sons being in the mob is a different thing.

And what about Sonny? He’s got a long road ahead of physical rehabilitation to regain the ability to walk and be the man he was before, so we can expect to see Michael running the family syndicate while that happens. But when Sonny recovers, will Michael step down? Or will he be so invested in the criminal life that he’ll challenge Sonny to retain control of the family?

And here’s a fun twist. Michael has been very critical of Sonny for putting his kids at risk by staying in the mob. All the kids have been hurt by Sonny’s criminal lifestyle except Avery, so far. When Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo] tells Michael she’s carrying his baby, will he have second thoughts about running the syndicate? Or will Michael do exactly as Sonny as done and press on?

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In coming weeks and months, we are going to see Michael follow the path of his adopted father Sonny almost to the letter – except for Sonny’s predilection for philandering and his mental illness. Will Michael realize what’s happening and gain insight and acceptance into the actions he’s seen Sonny take? Or will Michael wallow in self-denial and think he’s above the fray?

Michael’s dark transformation will be exciting to watch, but raises some questions:

  • Will Sabrina stay with Michael as he goes dark?
  • How will Michael becoming a father change (or worsen) his behavior?
  • Can Michael control Morgan – and will Morgan respect Mikey’s authority as boss?
  • What role will Jake play in Michael’s ascent to power? Advisor? Protector?
  • Will Ric accept Michael’s power play or begin plotting behind his back?
  • How far will Michael go to protect the family and will it transform into a lust for power?

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  1. Helen Conboy says

    I hope this is not true. The idea of Michael in the mob is a awful story. He’s been kidnapped shot in the head & put in prison all because of the mob. And Morgan at his side with his mental issues is so silly. Come on Carly be the mother that’s always been a bear when it came to her cubs. Jason needs to remember & take care of things until Sonny can. Hate all this mob stuff. I hope the new writers not do this

    1. Bertha Wade says

      I was hoping that someway Carly would get the job as head of the family…but after the not wedding yesterday I’m not sure what is going to happen….Carly is the one that can go tit-for-tat with Ava.

  2. dee dzz says

    I like it! Michael looks sweet and innocent, but be aware of the sweet look.

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