Why Counting On Fans Want To Post Certain Words On Jessa’s YouTube

Counting On fans saw that recently, Jessa Seewald started being active on her YouTube again. She posted up a month ago, and then she previously shared something six months back. Now that she’s back, why are TLC fans talking about using certain words on her channel? Read on to find out.

Counting On Spoilers – Jessa Posted About Her Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big thing for the Duggar family, so it wasn’t strange that she made a public announcement. However, it was extremely brief and mainly focused on a trip that she and Ben took without the kids. She also posted on her other social media pages, so fans wondered if she was distracting from Jill Dillard’s book launch.

Counting On fans eagerly awaited the release of Jill’s book and so far, it didn’t disappoint. A lot of nasty things came out and now people know why she called it CountingThe Cost. She spoke about the nightmare of her molestation by her brother Joh Duggar. In it, she said that he’s “a monster.” And, plenty more stories about Jim Bob Duggar emerged. Now, it seems that Jessa doesn’t support her sister.

Why Counting On Fans Want To Post Certain Words On Jessa's YouTubeCounting On Spoilers – Jessa Blocks Jill Dillard’s Name On YouTube?

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball said that she went and watched the latest video on Jessa’s YouTube and she discovered something interesting. On her Instagram, she said, “Every YouTube creator can add words to their settings that will be blocked from appearing in comments. The comments then go to a folder called “Held for review [and] These comments can be manually approved by the creator.”

Why Counting On Fans Want To Post Certain Words On Jessa YouTube
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

So, Katie tried writing a comment with Jil’s name in it. Actually, it seemed suspicious because on social media, Counting On critics called Jessa out about the video dropping so close to Jill’s book launch. And yet, there is not a single comment with Jil’s name showing up. Explaining how she did it, Katie revealed that if you type a comment with Jiil in it, then log out and use another account to sign in, you won’t see your own comment again.

Counting On Spoilers – Word Fans Want To Use

The info about the Counting On star’s YouTube does seem to work as we also tested it out. Notably, you must go back in and check for your comment in a different account because you will still see it under your original post.

Some TLC fans wondered if Jim Bob Duggar “made Jessa” block the word, “Jill.” Others suggested using a different description when talking about Jill. One person suggested, “Everyone go comment ‘sweet Jilly muffin’ instead 😂.”

If you try that and your comment remains, then that will be interesting feedback to get. Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Jill Dillard and her sister Jessa right now. Come back here often for all your Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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