Why Are Welcome To Plathville Fans Warming To Olivia Again?

Welcome To Plathville Season 5 premiered on September 5, and TLC fans expected to see the spotlight shining on Ethan and Olivia Plath. In a teaser for the show, Olivia said that the entire family didn’t want her around anymore. However, she might take some comfort in knowing that TLC fans seem to warm to her again

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Moriah Plath Gets Snarky With Olivia Plath

If there’s one person in the family who struggles with mental health problems, then fans believe it could be Moriah. She always seems to make fans talk about her obvious unhappiness, and some of her social media posts suggest that she could use some help. Actually, she looked for help in the church by getting baptized again. Sadly, she’s not doing a lot to win many fans in the current season.

Did Moriah forget it was largely through the help of once-popular Olivia, that she found the freedom she so desperately sought? If Moriah and the rest of her family can’t stand Olivia, many people start to feel a bit sorry for her. After Olivia said that Kim had misused Ethan’s credit card, Moriah accused her of making up stories because she had some emotional issues. Later, fans went to visit Olivia’s Instagram, and there, they said some encouraging things to her.

Why Are Welcome To Plathville: Fans Warming To Olivia Again?

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Fans Visit Olivia Plath’s Post

When Ethan’s wife posted a photo of herself with friends, she spoke about how “platonic soulmates” are the sort of people “to hang onto.” In part, she wrote, “People who aren’t afraid to love openly, even if there are no guarantees.” Additionally, she talked about “people
People who aren’t afraid to tell the truth, even if it makes them look bad.”
Just like she did, she likes “people who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, even if it makes them less liked.”

Why Are Welcome To Plathville Fans Warming To Olivia Again
Olivia Plath / Instagram

The Welcome To Plathville star said a lot more, and it seems that she really gets on well with  people who invite “your inner child out to play.” Certainly, she likes that she knows people who might do just about anything for each other just because they are friends. No need for reward a million questions, or justification sums up what she finds special in others.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Fans Warming To The Outsider

Previously, Welcome To Plathville fans spent a lot of energy slamming Olivia for interfering with Kim and Barry’s family. Other reasons involved the rocky marriage with Ethan. But, the hate seems to be easing back.

One follower said in the comments, “Team Olivia – you did soo much for all of them!!! how quickly they forget …” 

Another person wrote, “So sorry they turned on you this way. Being a DIL can be hard when you are an outsider coming in and see past bad behaviors the family feels is normal.”

Here’s a comment that was  echoed more than once, “You are the best, don’t let that family get you down.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the family should this drop now? After all, it’s been a long time since Olivia Plath first made the credit card allegations. And, let’s face it, Kim’s behavior exactly hasn’t been exemplary. Do you feel a bit warmer towards Ethan’s wife this season? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back with us for more Welcome to Plathville spoilers, news, and updates.

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