Welcome To Plathville Fans Slam Moriah Plath – Apples & Trees

Welcome To Plathville premiered on September 5 but ahead of the first episode, TLC fans slammed Morah Plath for being over-dramatic.

In fact, some of them claimed that she’s just like her mom, Kim and that the apple “doesn’t fall far from the tree.” So, what’s making viewers so irritated? Read on to find out.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Moriah Plath Seems To Be Troubled

Since she broke up with Max, fans think that Ethan’s younger sister seems troubled. In spoilers, it was revealed that she turned to religion and apparently, her dad, Barry Plath baptised her.

Welcome To Plathville: Fans Slam Moriah Plath - Apples & TreesAt the same time, she got some tattoos, which goes against the beliefs of some churches.

On her social media, she tends to try and come over as mysterious and dramatic, and now fans agree that she is over-dramatic.

Welcome To Plathville Season 5 seems to have a “dark” feel to it, and TLC fans think the whole show is a total trainwreck.

Olivia claimed that the family doesn’t want her around. Meanwhile, Micah’s making some decisions about life.

Ethans described the family as busted up. And, Kim has found another guy who happens to be Isaac’s flight instructor.

In the first episode, it was drama with Moraih that got fans gnashing their teeth.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Fans Slam Moriah Plath Who Left Unexpectedly

In th preview for the first episode of the show, Ethan had been away and when he got home, he discovered a note from his sister.

He said that the house felt “empty.” In her note, she’d said that she was gone, out of there, vamoosed.

Actually, some fans can understand that it can’t be easy living with Olivia and her husband who seem to have eternal issues with each other.

However, it was the way she did it that got to them.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Slam Moriah Plath Apples and Trees
TLC / Instagram

Apparently, Welcome To Plathville star, Ethan had discussed Morah moving out of their home.

However, she’d told him that she would remain a couple of weeks after his return. So, Ethan described the empty house as being “dramatic.” TLC fn agreed and in the comments section, they slammed Moriah.

TLC – Fans React To Moriah

One Welcome To Plathville fan wrote, “She’s so ungrateful to the only two people that helped her! She’s so self centered.”

Meanwhile, another viewer said, “Apples don’t fall far from trees ? moriah -mom.”

Here are a few more comments:

  • “Moriah is her mother’s daughter.”
  • “She moved out because she’s a thirsty drama queen ?.”
  • “She needs to GROW UP ? moving out while their gone and leaving a note screams childish. Shes so useless its crazy. Shes going nowhere in life. Just hopes her looks will get her a man to take care of her.”
What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.
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