Who Called Out Robyn In The Sister Wives Family Meeting?

Sister Wives Season 18 premiered this week, and in the opening episode, fans found out that one of Janelle’s sons called out Kody Brown’s favorite wife, Robyn. Which one was it? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans See A Lot Of Tension AS Janelle Brown Leaves

TLC fans seem quite excited about the new season and a lot of info came via teasers and spoilers. One scene showed the kids and their mom, Janelle sitting and discussing Robyn. If you don’t know yet, Janelle left Kody at the end of Season 17. In an interview with People, she claimed that she had a terrible fight with her husband. Sitting in a parking lot, she suddenly realized that her marriage was over. At the time, she said that the main feeling she had was one of relief.

While season 17 of Sister Wives was focused on Christine, Janelle is quite prominent this time around. Actually, she’s also rocking it as a favorite with fans because of the way she told her husband that their marriage was done. She cussed him and told the camera crew to shut it down. In fact, in the same interview, she told Christine Brown that she would consider another plural marriage. That must sting Kody’s pride a bit. 

Robyn Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown’s Son Calls Out Robyn Brown

In the trailer, it was not Gabe, but Garrison, who said, “She can have him,” when discussing Robyn. He also added that they are no longer little kids who needed “a father figure anymore.“ Well, it turns out that he is the one who called Robyn out. After the premiere, fans took to Reddit and one of them posted, “Finally we know who called Robyn and called her out. It was Garrison! I think he’s going to be my new favorite this season.”

Who Called Out Robyn In The Sister Wives Family Meeting
u/FacetheFactsBlair / Reddit

Plenty of other fans agreed that Garrison is fast becoming their favorite as well. For too long, everyone in the Sister Wives show tiptoed around, not confronting Robyn over her clearly wanting Kody to herself. And, her calculating attitude. Not to mention her pretend crying about scenes that she obviously manipulated. In fact, many fans believe that Robyn cried to wind up her husband into a rage against the other wives.

Sister Wives Spoilers – TLC Fans Comment

In the responses, one follower said, “Garrison is pissed and if Kody won’t be good to his mom then he can kick rocks. I don’t blame him one [bit]!”

Another TLC fan opined, “Good on Garrison for speaking up for his mom. It’s high time that Robyn was directly called out on her monopolizing Kody’s time.”

What are your thoughts about it being revealed in the premiere of Season 18 of Sister Wives that it was Garrison who called out Robyn? Sound off in the comments below.

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