Sister Wives: When Did Janelle Know Her Marriage Was Over?

Sister Wives spoilers for Season 18 brought a very angry Janelle Brown to the screen and TLC fans cheered her on. Also, who could blame Kody’s second wife? After all, he literally blamed her for destroying his polygamous life. Angry Janelle was on fire and fans heard that she left him. Like Christine, she’s become a bit of a hero for that. But when did she know for sure that her marriage was done and dusted? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Kody And Janelle Brown Clashed

Some scenes showed Kody’s former second wife so angry that she told the camera crew to shut it down. That came after she told him to “F off.” In another scene, she told him to shut his mouth but not in such polite terminology. Anyway, she left and some fans wonder if she was so done with him, that she might be seeking another man to replace him.

Sister Wives stars Christine and Janelle opened up on People recently and they appear on the front cover of the print mag. Christine is so excited, that she shared a screenshot of it. A lot of the info came when they dished on YouTube about life after they left Kody. If you wonder when Janelle finally realized that she was done with her marriage, she slipped that into the conversation.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Moment Of Realization

In the trailer for the show, Janelle told Christine that she didn’t “want to be married anymore.” Christine’s eyebrows lifted, and she looked surprised, but also a tiny bit pleased. Obviously, Janelle had already realized it was all over when fans saw that segment. It was later revealed in her interview with Christine just what brought her to that point.

Sister Wives When Did Janelle Know Her Marriage Was Over
Janelle brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star started talking about an argument that he had with Kody. Actually, it might have been quite public because she talked about sitting in a “parking lot.” According to her, it was probably “the worst” fight they ever had. It came in December 2021, about a month after Christine left. That was the moment she knew it was all done.

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Relief It Was All Over

The Sister Wives star said that as Kody drove away, “This burden came off me, and I thought, ‘Wow. Okay, it’s over.” Her deepest feeling at the time was “relief.” If you still think that she might be looking for another man, she told her friend Christine that she’s “single,” but “no,no,” she’s “not ready to mingle.” 

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