The Duggars: Joy-Anna Reveals Struggle With Marriage

The Duggars spoilers, news, and updates tease that Joy-Anna confessed that marriage is hard after there were concerns about how she was being treated.

Joy-Anna, the fifth daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has been criticized lately by a lot of people.

She was recently accused of exploiting her kids for views on her YouTube channel. Some people think that showing your kids in pain as you gain profit from views is some sort of exploitation.

Joy-Anna has been posting videos of their family life on the platform and it started off as very wholesome. However, some people noticed some problematic content recently.

The Duggars: Joy-Anna Reveals Struggle With MarriageThe Duggars Spoilers – New Family Photos

She recently released a new vlog intro on her channel. It features a lot of family photos she took and the family seems so happy. But some were doubtful if that really is the case.

One photo was also posted on her Instagram. It was her and her husband’s photo, which is said to be taken by Gideon, while she was driving.

It was showing her and Austin holding hands as she drove. But is it just for show?

The Duggars Spoilers – Joy-Anna Opens Up About Marriage

In her Instagram account, she posted this mentioned photo through Instagram Story. But she posted it with a caption about marriage.

She said that she wants her kids to see that she and Austin love each other. And that marriage is fun, but it is also hard sometimes.

She also added that with humility and having God as the center, they choose to love each other unconditionally like Christ for His church.

Some people speculate that this is a way for Joy-Anne to convince their audience that they are happy.

Concerns about Joy-Anna and speculations on how Austin is treating her

But why is Joy-Anna trying so hard to make it seem like they are happy? It’s because recently, she posted a vlog where she looked like she’d been crying.

Apart from that, Austin sort of humiliated her when she wasn’t able to answer his questions about the recent sermon at their church.

Some viewers think that Austin finds satisfaction in humiliating Joy-Anna even though she is trying to bring more income to the family through filming their lives.

It’s like a repeat of what had happened to her as a child again. Joy-Anna, along with her siblings, had a similar situation when they were kids when their parents decided to open their family to the public through the reality show 19 Kids and Counting.

The Duggars have gone through a lot of scandals over the years, particularly with their ties to the Institute in Basic Life Principles, which reportedly promoted male superiority.

And now, it seems like Joy-Anna did not escape her past. And worse, allowing her children to go through the same exploit as she did.

We hope she returns to only posting wholesome content, and not exploiting the pain of her children as she did recently.

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