Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Shun Their Daughter Publicly

Duggar Family Duggar Family News reveals that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aren’t happy at all with their daughter, Jinger Vuolo after her book was released. Instead of showing her all of the support in the world, these two have decided to post publicly on their son, James Duggars’ Instagram account and not show her the support that most parents would.

Duggar Family News – The Support For James

As soon as James started to travel the world, which fans thought was strange, Jim Bob and Michelle started sharing his YouTube videos publicly on their Instagram account. They captioned it, “Check out James’ trip to Europe.” Of course, this made fans pretty upset because James going to Europe wasn’t as important as their daughter writing a book, right? That’s not the way they saw it. They continued to share more about James’ trip and how great it was for him to be out on his own exploring the world. There was never any mention of their daughter, Jinger, or her book.

Jinger’s book has been very successful since she released it and has gotten a lot of great reviews on Amazon and other reading sites. Interestingly enough, Jim Bob and Michelle haven’t even posted anything about Jinger since April of 2021! It is clear from this that they have decided to promote James and not her, but why? Could they be angry about the fact that she spilled the tea on their religion for all to see?

Duggar Family News – Fans Shocked By Duggar’s Post

As soon as fans saw this post, they were quick to share their thoughts. The account has actually been very silent for months and some fans thought that Jim Bob and Michelle had stopped posting on it altogether. After seeing this post promoting James, it is clear they are still adding content, just very slowly. When one fan saw James’ videos from Italy, they wrote, “Imagine dying a horrific death in Pompeii then ending up in a Duggar YouTube video. The suffering never ends.”

More fans chimed in about this and one more added, “Hmmm I’m surprised she didn’t draw in some clothes over the dead body at Pompeii the arrow is pointing at.” Another added, “Or possibly James is the one running this account? Since his video seems to be just about the only ones that their family IG promotes these days.” No one ever thought that any of the Duggars would end up traveling overseas, but James has done it. His sister, Jana Duggar took a trip to Italy as well. Some fans think they are trying to escape Jinger’s book, but they will feel its wrath no matter where they go.

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