Counting On’s Spoilers: Jim Bob Duggar Using Children To Cover Another Controversy

Counting On’s Spoilers: JimBob Duggar Using Children To Cover Another ControversyCounting On Spoilers reveal that Jim Bob Duggar has often used his children to cover up controversies that have plagued his family. This was evidence especially during Josh Duggar’s CSAM arrest. Suddenly, Jim Bob Duggar’s children who are normally quiet on social media have surfaced adding more fuel to this idea. What is Jim Bob up to now?

Counting On Spoilers – Jim Bob Duggar’s Mother’s Day Appearance

Counting On Spoilers: During the Duggar’s Mother’s Day celebration, Jana Duggar uploaded a video featuring some of her siblings.

The Duggar’s lunches were a far cry from the meals they used to share as a family years ago. Now their lunch consisted of healthy meals which surprised many Counting On fans.

The children seem to have had a huge wardrobe change. Fans are happy but shocked to see the children wearing more casual clothing and looking better.

However, Jana’s post also caused controversy as well. A lot of people have begun to wonder what Jim Bob is up to with this new video.

Counting On Spoilers – Redditt Fans Suspect A Cover Up

Now that Jim Bob’s kids are posting again Redditt fans cannot help by wonder if JimBob is up to something once again.

This comes after posts by both Jenna and Jessa who are not very active on social media especially compared to the other kids. What could Jim Bob be up to now that he would be covering up.

Some fans believe it is possible that Jim Bob may be trying to distract fans from Ashley Madison’s upcoming documentary.

Fans assume that Josh Duggar is likely to be mentioned in it because of the scandal. Others believe this connects to JoyAnna’s vlog about Jinger Duggar and Jill Duggar’s book about the IBLP.

Counting On Spoilers – Could Another Duggar Courtship Be On The Horizon

Jim Bob’s family has not been in the spotlight since Counting On ended some time ago. Some fans believe that Jim Bob is trying to make his family important again.

Could Jim Bob be getting ready to make another courting announcement? Rumors are circulating that James Duggar could be dating Emma Langdon.

This rumor was initiated because James appeared at Emma’s graduation party in Tennessee earlier this month.

Some also believe that Jason Duggar may also be looking for a partner since he has been sharing shirtless photos of himself recently.

Of course, Jim Bob’s children are all getting older now and beginning to look for partners of their own.

Could Jim Bob be working on getting his family back in the spotlight for another reason? Perhaps Jim Bob’s family has been in the negative with fans for too long.

Could Jim Bob even be trying to score a new show for his family in the future? What is Jim Bob up to these days?

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