Sister Wives Star Janelle Ponders Moving To Utah

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown seems very unhappy because she cried in her confessional. Now, a preview for the show revealed that she talked about moving to Utah. However, it seems that she might not make the move alongside Christine. For now, she seems undecided about a lot of things.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Star Janelle Brown Will Reconcile With Kody?

Spoilers from TLC revealed that Kody’s former second wife still considers herself spiritually married. A little bit like Meri, it’s her faith that troubles her. She still believes that she remains part of his family in a spiritual sense. So, fans think that she might actually go back to him. This is despite her yelling at him in bad language before telling the crew to cut the cameras.

Before the new season premiered, leaks suggested that Kody might want to reconcile with her. At the moment, it sounds like it might actually happen. She is considering moving to Utah but not yet. Actually, she seems reluctant to leave Flagstaff. In one episode, she seemed desperate because she’s got no money. Sister Wives fans believe that she should sue her ex and Robyn to get her money back. But, as she recently said in a new spoiler, she loves Flagstaff. Sister Wives Star Janelle Ponders Moving To UtahAnd fans know that she wants to build on Coyote Pass.


Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Moving To Utah?

The latest tease shared by Entertainment Tonight on YouTube showed her in a confessional. It also showed Christine talking about Kody and Savannah. Christine noted that it was filmed in January and it had been a long time since Kody contacted Savanah. Remember, he didn’t get her any Christmas gifts. When she talked about Utah, Janelle explained that it takes ages to get a spiritual separation.

The Sister Wives star said that she still doesn’t know what will happen with Kody in the long run. She also explained that a divorce is called “a release”  in her faith. And, “it takes a lot.” It all depends on “what happens with Kody,” and she doesn’t know about that yet. So, she said, “I thought about maybe I should just move back to Utah.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Not Going Anywhere For Now?

Sister Wives fans will have to wait and see if she goes to Utah. She seemed hesitant to commit to a move. It’s been a long time since the family lived in Lehi, but she could make friends through “a church or a community.” However, she’s so “attached to Flagstaff,” she just doesn’t know.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Ponders Moving To Utah
TLC / YouTube

Janelle seems very hesitant to break away from Kody. Do you think it’s really the fact that she likes Flagstaff that keeps her hanging on? Could it be more likely that because some of her kids are there that she wants to stick around? Or, will she try and make a go of things with Kody again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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