Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Worries About Her Future After Separation With Kody

Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates tease that Janelle Brown is contemplating about her future after leaving Kody.

She said that she is already 50 and she has nothing.

In the recent episode of Sister Wives Season 18, Janelle opened up about worrying about her future after she left Kody.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Worries About Her Future After Separation With KodyThe episode also showed how some of the events led to their split.

The episode showed Janelle saying a lot of profanity and Kody didn’t engage. Instead, he left and slammed the door behind him.

Janelle then contemplated in her interview what her current mental state is.

Separation With Kody Brown After Almost 30 Years Of Marriage

She said that what she was feeling was that it was really the end, right after Kody left. And now she is worried about her future and what will happen to her.

She’s not young anymore. She and Kody have been together for almost three decades, and it’s a commitment that is really hard to turn back to.

She already built her life around the family, and it is really relatable for Janelle to express that she’s worried about what’s coming.

In this episode, Janelle also revealed that she may not be able to save her relationship with Kody. It’s like that last straw for her.

Remember, this season was filmed in late 2022. A lot has happened since then and new information was already brought to light even before the current season even premiered.

But now, we will have more context as to what happened with the family, especially the fallout of the relationship, not just between Janelle and Kody, but also between Christine and Kody – which was tackled in the earlier episodes of the current season.

Janelle also revealed that she feels like they are not in a relationship anymore despite having six kids together. She said they probably reached the point that they were done.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Events That Led To The End Of Janelle And Kody Brown

After the fight, Janelle tried to get herself together. And then she called him to get his stuff. She was asking Kody to leave the house.

Now that it seems like they are really over, Janelle is worried about her future, especially the financial aspect.

Although she is a licensed real estate broker and has already established her own business (initially with Christine), she is still worried, especially with her age.

Some say 50 should be a retirement age, but Janelle still thinks she really has nothing, financially speaking. According to her, everything in her estate and savings is tied up to their property – which is the Coyote Pass land.

She later contemplated if she should still build a home on their property even though she already split with Kody.

And now she feels stuck because she said that she trusted the family structure headed by Kody.

Currently, Janelle is reportedly still living in Flagstaff even after the split. After all, they still share six children together and they still need to provide some sort of roots for them.

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