Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers: Does Janelle Brown Want Kody Back?

The Sister Wives (SW) Season 18 spoilers suggest that Janelle Brown wants Kody back. The two have a tense argument in the new season. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Will Janelle Brown Take Him Back?

The Sister Wives spoilers hint that Janelle Brown still wants Kody back. She looks like she’s happy without him in the Season 18 premiere.

The preview for the season came out and it shows the estranged couple fighting. Despite her behavior in the new season, Janelle still would take Kody back in a heartbeat.

Janelle Brown

During the Sunday, August 20th episode of Sister Wives, Janelle admitted that she wouldn’t be married to Kody if he was “estranged” from their sons Gabe and Garrison. She wants to put her children first.

An insider told The U.S. Sun that Janelle is still willing to work on their marriage. Just because they’re separated doesn’t mean that their marriage is over.

“Janelle was happy with her life with Kody when they were married. Their relationship has always been more on a friendship level — they have never really been physical,” the source told The U.S. Sun. “She would have been completely fine staying married to Kody and him coming over once a week.”

Janelle wouldn’t have left Kody in the first place. If Christine was still married to Kody, Janelle would’ve remained with him as well.

Sister Wives fans witnessed their marriage coming to a head in the new season. Janelle accused Kody of pushing her out of the family.

Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers – Kody And Janelle Brown’s Explosive Fight

The Sister Wives Season 18 trailer shows Kody and Janelle’s explosive fight. They argue over the plans for their family’s Christmas celebration.

At one point, Janelle tells Kody to “shut your f***ing mouth and let me talk to you for a minute.” But he refuses. Kody walks out of the door.

Janelle tells him “F*** you!” Then she asks the camera crew to shut down production. Insiders told The U.S. Sun that Janelle isn’t happy with her place in the family. She wants to show a different side of herself this season that fans normally don’t get to see.

What are your thoughts on Janelle Brown wanting to take Kody back? Does this surprise you? Do you believe that she would take him back? Sound off below in the comment section.

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