Sister Wives: Kody Makes An Unrefusable Proposal To Ex-Wife Christine So They Can ‘Be Functional’

A recent episode of “Sister Wives” which aired on Sunday, featured Kody Brown having a serious discussion with Christian Brown, the first wife to leave him in his marriage with three other women Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown. The discussion which was had over lunch was about their youngest child Truely’s post-split holiday plans.

However, along the line, the atmosphere was filled with tension as Christine couldn’t stand being in the same room with a man who after she spent over a decade of her life building a family with, told the world that he hates her after she divorced him. Kody then made a proposal to Christine on how they can both manage their relationship after their divorce.

Sister Wives Spoilers — Kody Brown Suggests A Post-Divorce Therapy

And just like that, Kody laid it out on the table, “I thought about doing breakup counseling with you, like, ‘Hey, we’re done. Let’s get in a place where we can be functional,'” at first, Christine didn’t buy the idea but Kody managed to convince her.

Kody BrownThe dad of 18 told Christine, “Well, maybe all I need is grief counseling. Well, listen. I got to get in a place where I don’t hate you so I don’t speak bad about you to my children. That’s my worry.” In response, Christine said, “If you need to have some sort of, like, post-breakup counseling with me, that’s fine. The whole thing is very heartbreaking and it’s very sad.”

Kody went on to tell Christine, “That’s why I’m talking about counseling. If we go through something, counseling, we get over it, we shake hands, we go, ‘Hey, have a good life.”

Christine then said, “open to talking to someone. We’re going to do this for the rest of our lives. You know, be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives. We have kids together and everything.”

In a confessional, Christine shared that Kody had always brought up the suggestion of “counseling and therapy for years” but she has always flat out refused, “We’re not going to do it. I’m just going to flat-out tell you, we’re just not going to.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Topic Of Counseling And Therapy Was First Suggested To Kody By His Current Last Wife Standing Robyn.

The suggestion came up after Christine left Kody and Kody found it difficult to handle the situation so Robyn suggested he get professional help.

“He’s dealing with a lot right now. I mean, a lot, I sometimes wonder how he’s able to keep his head above water,” said Robyn in a confessional while adding, “I would do counseling with anybody in the family that wanted to do it with me. I would do it with Christine.”

Kody on the other hand said during his confessional, “I feel like, yeah, I need to figure out how to forgive her. That would be a good idea. But am I ever going to trust her? Probably not. There’s no way for me to enjoy her company, I don’t understand that she says that.”

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