Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Kody Brown Come Out And Admit That He Has Been A Hypocrite All These Years?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody Brown may have finally be able to admit that he has been a hypocrite all of these years. Fans have started to notice that he has changed his tune a lot during this season of the show. This season has definitely shown that Kody has thought more about why three of his four marriages have failed. However, will he ever admit that this was all his fault?

Kody Brown’s Confessions This Season

Kody has been seen as very controlling and although he has never admitted it, he has started to share with viewers that he does feel as if he was in the wrong at some points.

Now it looks as if he is showing that he is a hypocrite and clearly has always been one. It all comes down to his family members getting piercings.

Kody Brown

When Christine Brown decided to get multiple piercings, he was very upset about it and cringed at the idea of it. When Robyn Brown came into the picture, however, she also had piercings, but Kody loved her no matter what.

Robyn did tell Kody that if it bothered him that much, she would remove her piercings. She would do anything for him, but she called him a “grump” when he brought it up to her.

Even though Kody was unclear about what he wanted his wives to look like when it came to piercings, it was completely forbidden for his children to get piercings.

Kody Brown – Why The Piercing Hate?

It turns out that Kody did change his tune when it came to Robyn having piercings. This came off as very hypocritical since he still did not want any of his children to have them.

When Robyn’s daughter, Aurora told them that she wanted to get her ears pierced, he was completely fine with it, but told her that it had to be done with their permission.

In the new season, there was an entire segment about piercings, but Kody seemed to have changed his tune when it came to it all. He told viewers that he actually has had piercings in the past and his mother did give her blessing so that he could get piercings of his own.

His wives called him a hypocrite because of how he has handled all of the piercing drama. We will continue to keep an eye on what is next on the show and if Kody gets called out again for being a hypocrite.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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