Sister Wives: Janelle Brown & Gabe Struggle With The Trailer

Janelle Brown Sister Wives fans saw that Janelle Brown moved into her RV for a while, but it didn’t last all that long. Still, she explained that she always wanted to try living in one. Anyway, Kody’s ex lives in a rental right now, although the trailer features her future. This week, she revealed that they really struggle with setting up the trailer between herself and Gabe.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Talked About The Trailer

When TLC fans saw the RV on the show, it looked quite cramped. Anyway, in a show of independence, she moved into it with Savanah. However, it later emerged that she didn’t stay in it for all that long. Firstly, it wasn’t ideal in winter, and secondly, Savanah struggled with it. So when she entered her senior year, they moved back into a rental. However, Gable’s mom still wants to use the RV on weekends.

Recently, the Sister Wives star revealed that she has m plans for the trailer. Now she’s finding out that the RV was a lot easier to set up the last time she tried van life. This week, she told her fans that she planned to use the trailer. She said on Instagram that she’ll be “managing the trailer as an independent woman.” Whether that means she’s moving into it or renting it out, isn’t clear.

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Janelle Brown & Gabe Battle Alone

Meri Brown recently got Kody to help her move to Parowan, but it looks like his former second wife won’t call him out to give her a hand. Fortunately, she has Gabe on hand to help her. However, as Garrison refurbished his own trailer a few years ago, maybe she should have called him for help. Gabe and his mom really struggled with setting up the power adaptors and connecting things up to the mains.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown and Gabe Struggle With The Trailer
Janelle Brown / Instagram 

The Sister Wives star mentioned that the RV was easily done because it was just “boondocked.” However, this time around with her trailer, they are “learning a lot” of things that seem really complicated. She wrote in her caption, “Everyone had to learn and go through this process. It’s ok to be vulnerable, coachable, teachable, and curious. Some day I’ll have this down and can be ‘the expert.” 

Sister Wives Janelle Brown and Gabe Struggle With The Trailer
Janelle Brown / Instagram

If Janelle expected that Sister Wives fans would laugh at her for struggling to get everything connected, it didn’t turn out like that. Actually, those who never stayed in a trailer are clueless anyway. So, they admire her efforts. Meanwhile, those who have done trailer life know that soon, she will become something of an expert.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Learning New Lessons

The Sister Wives stars also said, “Everyone has to start at the beginning! With the basics,” adding, “everything, even hooking up this trailer to “hook-ups” is new.” However, nobody laughed at her although she said that they might, “chuckle” about it. One of her followers said in the comments, “I knew NOTHING on how to do any of this stuff! I spent weeks crying over how inadequate I felt handling it all with no experience or knowledge.” 

Meanwhile, others encouraged her by saying, “As a camper owner, we went through all the same stuff in the beginning. You got this!!!”

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