Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Hints Her Trailer Features In Her Future

Janelle BrownSister Wives star Janelle Brown is still living in Flagstaff despite her separation from Kody Brown. Once again, she lives in a rental, but she does have future plans for the trailer that she had on the property at Coyote Pass. This weekend, she shared a bit of news about her rental and dropped a teaser about her future plans.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Moved Into Her Trailer

When Jenelle moved into her trailer, it happened about a year before TLC revealed the family checking it out on the show. At the time, Kody complained about the lack of privacy. Meanwhile, Robyn looked a bit snooty. However, Jenelle always wanted to live in an RV, so she went for it. Later, when winter rolled around, she moved back into a rental. Actually, TLC fans thought she cleverly manipulated getting more independence.

Sister Wives fans heard that after the winter, Kody’s former second wife decided not to move back into her trailer. Although she loved it, her daughter Savanah didn’t. So, she decided to store it somewhere and look for another rental. Presumably, she still stays in that same rental. This weekend, she shared how much she likes her rental and she hinted at her plans for the trailer.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Drops Some Future Plans

On Sunday, Savanah’s mom shared a photo of a nice rug and a table with a cup of coffee on it. Talking about the rental, she mentioned that it’s ideal for spring and summer as it has “a patio.” So, she went off and purchased “some patio furniture this year.” The TLC star added, “I’m loving my coffee “on the patio” this cool peaceful Sunday morning ❤️.”

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Hints Her Trailer Features In Her Future
Janelle Brown / Instagram

Next, the Sister Wives star teased her followers about her plans for the trailer. She wrote, “for those wondering about the trailer – stay tuned – I actually have put it in a seasonal space this year and will begin the adventure of managing the trailer as an independent woman.” Next, she said that she has “always…wanted to do” that sort of thing. Then she delighted movie buffs by saying, “As they say in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes “Towanda!'”

Sister Wives Spoilers -TLC Fans React

If you don’t know, the word “Towanda” basically means that a woman will be empowered. Sister Wives fans who are familiar with the movie loved Janelle’s post. One of them said, “Yes Janelle! You are channeling Towanda strength and I’m here for it ?? ?.”

Another follower wrote, “Good for you! I have had a camper trailer too as a single woman and I LOVED it.”

Are you excited to see what happens with Janelle Brown and her trailer in the future? Do you hope to see something about it in a future season on the TLC show? Shout out in the comments below.

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