Does Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Always Eats Healthy Food?

Janelle Brown Janelle Brown used to be larger than average, but since she left Kody, she’s been on a health kick. Not only does she market nutrition products, but she also works out a lot. These days, she watches her diet and appears to have slimmed down. However, does the TLC star always eat healthy meals? Is she eating something that she thinks is healthy but isn’t? Read on to find out!

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Likes Good Food

Kody’s former second wife always loved shopping at the Farmer’s market. Fresh produce seemed to make her very happy. These days, TLC fans are aware of Janelle Brown’s weight loss journey, and both she and Christine Brown market Plexus products, selling health items Both of them work out and appear to have lost weight. But does Janelle eat the wrong thing while believing it might be good for her? Let’s find out.

This week, the Sister Wives star posted up about food on her Instagram Stores. And, that brought to mind a podcast that Savannah Chrisley did with Dr Daniel Amen on Nutrition. The video landed on YouTube in early April. If you don’t know, he ties nutrition in with mental health. Actually, he is a bit controversial, but there is one meal that Savannah eats almost daily that he claimed can contribute to memory loss. And, it is one of Janelle Brown’s favorites.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Loves Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken with delicious spices? It’s better for you than red meat, right? Anyway, this week, Janelle shared a photo on Instagram Stories of her chicken frying in her air fryer. In her caption, she told her TLC fans that she doesn’t “buy rotisserie chicken.” Instead, she fries “a whole chicken” with spices and oil. And, she said that it only “takes about 50-60” minutes.

Does Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Always Eat healthy Food
Janelle Brown / Instagram Stories

The Sister Wives star also mentioned that loads of scrumptious recipes for fried chicken in an air fryer can be found on the “internet.” Well, fried chicken isn’t really the healthiest way to eat the birds. But, it’s interesting that Dr. Amen thinks that they are one of seven foods that are not good for your memory.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fried Chicken And Memory Loss

Sister Wives fans might be interested to know that the Amen Clinic suggests that there are seven types of food that are bad for memory. According to the website, these include, “Vegetable oils, Sodas and energy drinks, White carbs, Fried foods (like chicken and donuts),” and “Artificial sweeteners.” The other one is “excessive alcohol.”

If Janelle suddenly finds herself not able to recall names and places, or even a TV show that she watched recently, perhaps it’s tied to her love for fried chicken.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Janelle Brown is making a mistake by eating fried chicken? Do you feel that it’s not as healthy as people think? Sound off in the comments below.

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