Sister Wives: Is Gwendlyn Brown’s Fiancee Beatriz Angry With Kody?

Sister Wives! - Gwendlyn BrownSister Wives: fans get to know Gwendlyn Brown a lot more than they used to on social media and they also like what they see in her fiancee, Beatriz Queiroz. Christine Brown, Gwen’s mom seems to get along just fine with her future in-law. But what’s going on with Kody Brown and Beatriz? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives – Gwendlyn Brown & Beatriz Queiroz Engaged

Beatriz Queiroz and Gwen threw a party when they became engaged. It’s not clear if Kody Brown attended, but plenty of siblings went along. In fact, Christine and Truely, Mykelti, and her other daughters enjoyed a road trip afterward. If you don’t know yet, Gwen started a YouTube channel and this week, she introduced Beatriz to her TLC fans.

Often, the Sister Wives star discusses things that she sees in the various episodes of the show. Although folks see Gwen occasionally, she’s not the main character. But this week, she decided to get her fiancee on screen with her. Of course, they answered a lot of questions, but folks were interested in Beatriz and Kody Brown. Is Beatriz angry with him?

Sister Wives – Beatriz Queiroz Talks About Kody Brown

Answering questions that originated on Patreon, the couple first addressed a question about Kody. Gwen read out the question which asked what she thought of Gwen’s father. Well, it seems that Beaztriz doesn’t hate him. Actually, she described him as “an interesting character.” Other words that she used to describe him included “energetic and fun” Apparently he’s just a “fun guy.”

Sister Wives Is Gwendlyn Brown Fiancee Beatriz Angry With Kody
Gwendlyn Brown / YouTube

Nevertheless, the fiancee of Sister Wives star, Gwendlyn Brown threw in the word, “just.” You know, when someone says something nice about someone and then follows it with a “but” or “just,” the real message is given in the second half of the message. Clearly, there is something that irritates her about Kody Brown. Additionally, she seemed to pick her words with caution. Maybe to protect Gwen?

Kody Brown – Speaks Badly To Gwen Brown

Sister Wives fans heard that what gets up the nose of Beatriz is the way Kody Brown “talks to” Gwen. Elaborating, Beatriz explained that he seems to not “respect” the people around him: especially Gwen. While she likes him, she wonders if he even “knows” how to talk without disrespecting people.

In the comments, people talked about how it’s clear that Beatriz will always be there to “protect” Gwendlyn. One of them also loves that Beatriz called out Kody for his bad manners. Yalanda Reeves said,So Proud of Beatrice taking up for you about Kody not having good manners in speaking to you Gwendlyn!!! Keep it up Beatrice❤ !!!”

Are you surprised to hear that in real life, Kody Brown seems as disrespectful towards his family as he is on the TLC show? Let us know in the comments.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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