Sister Wives Spoilers: Gwendlyn Brown Notes Irony In Kody And Robyn’s COVID-19 Rules

Sister Wives Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Gwendlyn Brown thinks it’s ironic that Kody and Robyn Brown don’t believe in vaccines yet enforce such strict COVID-19 rules. Read on and we’ll spill that tea.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Isn’t It Ironic?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that, according to PEOPLE, the TLC personality said in a YouTube video on Thursday that her dad’s strict COVID-19 rules were “ironic” in that he and his fourth wife Robyn Brown have never gotten vaccinated.

“So, of my parents, I’m pretty sure all of them except for Robyn and my dad are vaccinated,” the Sister Wives veteran said towards the end of the clip in a segment where she fielded fan questions. “Those two don’t believe in vaccines, which is really ironic considering everything that’s been going on on the show.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown’s Strict Rules Erode Family Ties

Sister Wives fans may recall that, during the pandemic, Kody laid down some rigid COVID safety rules including one requiring the changing of clothes upon entering the home from an outing and disinfecting incoming mail, to name but a couple.

Kody’s ex-wives Christine and Janelle Brown, married to the Brown family patriarch at the time, refused to follow his strict protocols and visited their adult kids outside of Flagstaff, Arizona despite them. This naturally fostered a growing tension between Kody and two of his wives which began during season 15. According to Us Weekly, Kody admits his strict rules played a part in the end of his and Christine’s marriage

Sister Wives Spoilers – Why Did Kody Brown Prefer Robyn Brown?

As it stands now, Kody is divorced from Christine, who moved back to Utah, and separated from Janelle. Notably, both marriages were merely “spiritual.” Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown, followed his strict rules, and still, the pair called it quits in January 2023.

Conflicting opinions about COVID-19 also generated tension between Kody and his children via Janelle and Christine. One, in particular, was Gwendlyn, the daughter Christine and Kody share. In her recent clip, Gwendlyn answered a fan who questioned why Kody spent so much time with Robyn while neglecting his other wives and children so much.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Why Gwendlyn Brown Dislikes Robyn Brown

She answered by saying she had no idea. “I think that it would’ve been so simple to do that. We did do that a few times and it was super easy and very uncomplicated. I think that it’s just because he prefers to spend time with Robyn’s side of the family.”

In a previous Sister Wives clip posted on YouTube; Gwendlyn confessed that she doesn’t like Kody’s fourth wife “as a person” (via Insider). She added that watching Robyn’s interviews on the show “makes me like her less for sure.”

Though the show is on hiatus, fans can catch all the previous episodes on Paramount+. Stay up to speed on all other Brown family drama and return here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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