Gwendlyn Brown Reacts To Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 6

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown started her YouTube channel and Sister Wives fans fell in love with her. This week, she shared her reaction to Season 17, Episode 6. What makes it interesting to watch is that Christine’s daughter has never watched the season that she comments on. So sometimes, it gets a bit heartbreaking. However, one thing that her blog does, is impress fans with her charm, humor, and intelligence.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Gwendlyn Brown Opens Up On Sister Wives Episodes

TLC fans who started subscribing to Gwen’s YouTube discovered that she’s really funny sometimes. Actually, her description of having babies one day, got folks giggling. One follower said to her in the comments, “How did SisterWives not let us all see your sense of humor all these years? They missed out, you’re hysterical!” Mind you, she can also be cutting and a bit vulnerable. Given the hot mess in the Brown family, that’s hardly a big surprise though.

Gwendlyn Brown announced her new YouTube channel and told her followers that she might do recaps of episodes. Actually, she hadn’t seen many of the recent episodes. But, after watching one, she decided to start. And, grateful fans quickly started following her there. At the moment, she racked up nearly 100K subscribers. If you don’t know, she’s also got a lot of TikTok and Patreon followers.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Gwendlyn Brown Reacts To Season 17 Episode 6

Sister Wives fans might recall that Season 17 Episode 6 revealed Ysabel packing up as she was off to college. In the episode, fans saw that Gwen opened up about her sexuality. Additionally, Christine got her ducks in a row to move to Utah while Kody pushed back. TLC fans also saw that Christine finally told her youngest daughter Truely about the divorce. That’s where the reactions started

Gwendlyn Brown Reacts To Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 6
Gwendlyn Brown / YouTube

Gwendlyn Brown liked it when her mom said it was “important” to tell Truely what was going on. But, when Kody spoke about putting off telling his kid because he still hoped for a reconciliation, Gwen shook her head and said, “Nope.” And, she agreed that her dad was “in a state of denial.” Interestingly, when her mom said that she’d like her dad to “have a good relationship with all of the kids,” Gwen’s eyes nearly popped out.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Thinks Gwen’s Humor Is Inappropriate?

Gwendlyn Brown reacted when her mom started talking about her. Christine said, “90 percent of the time,[Gwen’s] humor is inappropriate and uncomfortable.” Covering her mouth and laughing, Gwen admitted that she “proved” her mom “right.” Next, she said that when they talked about her “sexuality,” she felt “disappointed.” Actually, she hoped they’d rather “talk about the divorce.”

As always with Gwendlyn, it’s not easy for Sister Wivges fans to describe her punchlines. You can watch the whole video below.

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