Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Opens Up About Having Babies

Sister Wives Sister Wives fans who follow Gwendlyn Brown on YouTube and Patreon are fast getting to realize that she’s funny, clever, witty, and a useful source of insider tea on the dynamics of the family. Recently, she started commenting on various episodes in  Season 17, and it’s interesting as she hadn’t seen the footage before. This week, she gave her take on Season 17, Episode 3. During her vlog, she opened up about herself having babies one day.

Sister Wives – Fans Learn More About Gwendlyn Brown

When fans learned that Christine’s daughter came out as bisexual, they had to wait a while before they met Beatriz Queiroz, her girlfriend. After dating for 14 months, they moved in together in April this year. Some fans hoped that they weren’t rushing things, but it seemed to work out for them. Since then, she announced that they became engaged and that news came on Patreon. From her YouTube, TLC fans learned that Gwen is autistic as well, And, they learned that she has a lovely nature and a great sense of fun.

Sister Wives fans saw that in a previous vlog about the show, Gwen noticed that Robyn and Kody contradicted themselves on how often he’s away from home. Instead of being angry, she just laughed about it. In fact, Robyn often makes her laugh. Because Robyn Brown seldom makes fans laugh, one of them asked her if anyone ever confronted Kody’s remaining wife. But she claims that they are not really a confrontational family in real life. She also noted that it was unfortunate. This week, she commented about Meri, Janelle, her mom, and Mykelti.

Sister Wives – Gwendlyn Brown’s Commentary – Babies

As the show played out in fast-forward, Gwen talked about how much she loved Meri’s mom who passed away. Additionally, she praised Janelle who started finding her independent voice. Clearly, she’s very close to the mom of Gabe, Garrison, Savannah, Hunter, and Maddie Brush. In fairness, she didn’t slam her dad much and at one point, she agreed that worrying about the kids returning to school with covid around was a valid point.

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown Opens Up About Having Babies
Gwendlyn Brown / YouTube

When the Sister Wives footage revealed very pregnant Mykleti Padron, Gwen seemed visibly distressed. So, she said that she would never get filmed giving birth. Actually, she rightly noted that it’s “traumatic to watch.” Talking about when she has babies if the show is still on, there’s no way she’ll ever let it get filmed. Then, she said with wonder and amazement, “F–k,” I have to give birth at one point.” Then she laughed, and said, “Sh-t.”

Sister Wives – Will Christine’s Daughter Let her Sisters Watch Birth Videos?

The Sister Wives alum says that when it comes to the time that she has a baby, she won’t let her sisters watch any video footage. That’s despite the fact that she’s seen all the grandbabies come into the world.

It’s hard to write about Gwen because words don’t do justice to the funny inside of her personality. One follower said in the comments, “How did SisterWives not let us all see your sense of humor all these years? They missed out, you’re hysterical!”

Other TLC fans agreed, and one of them said, “they kept a treasure like you hidden!!!! Your (sic) such a good Speaker…your (sic) funny too.”

You can see where Gwendlyn Brown talks about babies from the 7.5 mark in the video below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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