Sister Wives Fans React To Meri’s Haunted House Tour

Sister Wives fans watched Meri Brown struggle to get the rest of the family to help with the finances to acquire her family’s old home n Parowan, Utah. Now, she’s offering a “Haunted House Tour,” how well did TLC fans react to it? After all, she previously offered retreats and got slammed for her efforts.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Lives In Her BNB, LIzzie’s Heritage Inn

It’s believed that since Kody told Meri to go away, she might have moved to her BNB in Parowan. She’s still got a manager there: Jenn Sullivan. Remember, Meri’s mom once managed the place until she passed away, unexpectedly. These days, Bonnie is amongst the other forerunners in the family who grace the walls of the place.

Sister Wives fans saw that after the pandemic, Kody’s former first wife seemed keen to try and make some money off the place. Actually, plenty of smaller BNBs went south during travel restrictions. So, she offered the chance to meet a reality TV star, enjoy a retreat, and have some fun. When TLC fans saw the price, they raged and mocked her because it seemed expensive. Are they mocking about her Haunted House Tour?

Sister Wives: Fans React To Meri's Haunted House TourSister Wives Spoilers – Fans React To Haunted House Tour

On Reddit, u/adams361 shared an advert for the tour. It seemed interesting as she will take people around and explain the hauntings of her home and family. Additionally, folks will get stories of the home from the olden days. The Redditor noted, “For $50 Meri will give you a tour of her haunted B&B. According to the announcement during Friday’s with Friends, rice crispy treats may be included!”

Sister Wives Fans React To Meri Haunted House Tour
R/SisterWives / Reddit

Sister Wives fans responded rather well to the idea, even at $50 each. Perhaps the TLC star finally hit on a winner. One of the the responses in the discussion read: “Honestly I’d be all over this if I was anywhere near Utah!” In agreement, another person said, “Same! I would do it if I were closer lol.” 

Sister Wives Spoilers – Like-minded Fans Love The Idea

Yet another fan of Sister Wives echoes the positive responses. This time, they said, “Me too!! I would go if I was closer. Sounds like fun! 🎃.”

More people like the idea of a haunted Halloween. A follower admitted, “…I love Halloween spooky tours! The house is old and who knows could be haunted lol!”

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