Sister Wives: Christine Reveals Dark Brown Family Secret

Sister Wives spoilers say four part season 18 finale and tell-all just keep bringing more and more drama.  On an all new episode of the TLC reality TV show, Christine Brown dropped a shocking story about Meri and Kody Brown, and her former Sister Wife is fuming over it.  Keep reading for all the details and upcoming Sister Wives spoilers.

It’s no secret that Christine Brown and Meri Brown have never been the best of friends.  Since the family was dismantled and everyone went their separate ways, Meri Brown doesn’t see to be on speaking terms with any of them.  And, something Christine did during the tell-all seemed to set the Sister Wives star off.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares Dark Story

Christine Brown revealed a dark Brown Family secret about their wedding rings that was never shared on the reality TV show before.

Sister Wives: Christine Reveals Dark Brown Family SecretApparently, back in the day when Kody Brown legally married Robyn Brown, he stopped wearing his wedding ring from Meri and began wearing one from Robyn.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  According to Christine, before Robyn came along the only ring Kody wore was from Meri.

Apparently, Christine and Janelle Brown never got wedding rings. So, basically Meri was the favorite until Robyn came on to the scene.

Where’s the ring now?  Funny you should ask, according to Christine Kody had it melted down because he didn’t want to feel like Meri “was controlling him” any more.

Sister Wives: Meri’s Scandal Makes More Sense

Yikes.  It sounds like Meri Brown’s fall from grace in Kody’s eyes started years ago.  Fans always assumed Kody lost interest in Meri because she betrayed him with her catifsh scandal.

Now it looks like Meri was dropped by Kody way before that and was just lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places.

So, why exactly is Meri mad at Christine Brown?  Well, according to her that wasn’t Christine’s story to tell.  And, we get that.

The family has filmed over 18 seasons of Sister Wives, haven’t they all accidentally or intentionally shared each other’s “stories” over the years?

Does that argument really apply in a family when you have a reality TV show or virtually no privacy?

Do you think Christine Brown was wrong?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Sister Wives spoilers and updates.

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