Seeking Sister Wife: Does Colton Winder Regret Doing The Show?

Colton WinderSeeking Sister Wife alums Colton and Sophie Winder did a long Q&A with TLC fans on March 31. You might recall that they appeared on Season 2 of the show, but after Season 3, they were dropped. Actually, they ended their episodes before the end of the season but only because they broke it off with Kimberley. However, later news revealed that TLC dropped them anyway. Does Colton regret being on the polyamorous show? Read on to find out.

Seeking Sister Wife – Colton, Tami, And Sophie Winder Were Happy

When the Winders were on the show, Colton and Tami had just brought in a second wife, Sophie. Unfortunately, things were difficult at first because they had problems integrating as a family, That’s because they live apart, However, once they moved into the same house, things turned around, and Tami and Sophie worked on jealousy issues and became best friends.

Of all the Seeking Sister Wife stars, Colton and his wives seemed the happiest. Seldom was there over-the-top drama. In particular, there was no jumping into bed before marriage, unlike Garrick Merrifield and other cast members. In fact, because of their spiritual beliefs, the family seemed more authentic than the rest of the cast. So, a lot of fans felt disappointed when they didn’t return for Season 4.

Seeking Sister Wife – Colton Winder Answers Questions

On March 31,  Sophie did a long Q&A with TLC fans. They spoke about a lot of things like whether they agree with women having multiple husbands. Additionally, they mentioned that they felt a bit pressured by TLC to create drama. He also talked about his studies and working for Parks and Wildlife as a student. If you don’t know he still farms his ranch but he is a pharmacist as well.

Seeking Sister Wife Does Colton Winder Regret Doing The Show
The Winder Family / Instagram Stories

Seeking Sister Wife fans sent in a lot of questions about polygamy, but one fan asked about the show. They wrote, “How did you end up on SSW and do you regret it?” Interestingly, he told the fan that he and Tami were approached for the previous season. However, they turned it down. Later, when they were with Sophie, TLC popped up in their lives again. This time, they “prayed about it.” And, finally, they’d decided to go for it.

Seeking Sister Wife – Were They Misled By TLC?

The Seeking Sister Wife alum seemed to think that they were filming for some sort of “documentary,’ rather than a drama-filled reality TV show. And yes, he felt that a lot of it was done just to create drama, which wasn’t the correct narrative for their family.  In retrospect, it seems that he regrets being part of that aspect.

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