RHOSLC: Star Jen Shah Mocked For Safety Fears

Jen Shah Jen Shah, formerly on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently doing time in the Bryan Federal Prison Camp in Texas. Recently, someone took a photo that made the rounds on social media, and she claims that it has affected her safety. However, a lot of Bravo fans mocked her.

Jen Shah Spoilers – Looks Okay In Prison

Apparently, the Bravo alum is behaving herself, and participating in prison life with a positive attitude. So, she should get out in 2028. Last year, she took a guilty plea for conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a nationwide telemarketing scheme. Obviously, she was anxious, but she seems to be determined to leave the place with a clean good-behavior record. Federal prisons are not at maximum security, so prisoners can walk around and interact with other inmates.

Comparisons have been made between Todd and Julie Chrisley who were sentenced to a longer time than Jen Shah. Still, at least like the RHOSLC star, they get visitors. And allegedly, that’s how the Bravo alum discovered that someone had taken a photo of her walking around the facility with a fellow inmate. Now, she feels afraid. But as she’s locked in a camp, so why is that? After all, no outsiders can get to her.

Jen Shah Spoilers – Jen Shah Wants An FBI Investigation Into The Photo

TMZ shared a story on Instagram this weekend that revealed how the Bravo star found out about the photo that’s doing the rounds. Allegedly, when another person video-chatted with their incarcerated family member, the news came out. Video visits are allowed in the camp although they are time-limited. Well, she objected and her husband will report the photo to the FBI

RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Mocked For Safety Fears
TMZ / Instagram

Jen Shah seems to be afraid because according to her, the photo was not taken from outside the wire. The outlet cited her rep as saying, “I am so worried that the next photo secretly taken of me could be in the shower, using the bathroom, or possibly changing my clothes.” So, it seems that she believes someone on the staff could have taken it. Or, potentially, even another prisoner. Recall, Josh Duggar managed to get his hands on one.

Jen Shah Spoilers – Bravo Fans Mock Jen Shah‘s fears

Unsympathetic Bravolites didn’t give Jen Shah much sympathy for her fears. Here’s a small sample of their responses to TMZ’s post on Instagram:

Girl bye you are in the Feds at a camp. Nobody is going to do anything to you! Martha Stewart, Lauren Hill and Lil Kim all did fed time and they are far more famous than she will ever be so she needs to shut up and do her time. Because it’s not a secret where she is all you have to do is go to BOP website.

She is in the safest place she can be ??‍♀️.

right she’s fine and I was just there lol cupcake camp the hardest part is being away from your family.

Trying to work up a defense to get out.”

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