Richard Simmons Clears The Air On His Cryptic Message That He’s Dying

Richard Simmons Clears The Air On His Cryptic Message That He's DyingThe star of “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” Richard Simons recently made not just his fans but the media and everyone around him worry about his health after he shared a cryptic quote about “dying” on Monday, March 18.

The actor who has been carefully leading a private life but once in a while comes out of hiding to share some motivational posts on diet, lifestyle, and fitness tips, took to the X platform formerly known as Twitter to share “some news” with his followers.

But then the news seemingly turned out to be about his death. His tweet read, “I have some news to tell you. Please don’t be sad. I am ….dying. Oh I can see your faces now. The truth is we all are dying.

Every day we live we are getting closer to our death,” he wrote. “Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest every single day. Get up in the morning and look at the sky… count your blessings and enjoy.”

Although the post was overly long, the words that caught everyone’s attention were these three words, “I am ….dying” written by the 75-year-old. Those words got everyone who knows the fitness guru worried about his wellbeing. Some even thought he was indirectly sharing that his days are almost up.

Richard Simmons — On The True Meaning Behind Simmons’ Post

Anyway, due to the massive concern his post garnered, the actor decided to set the record straight. Apparently, the true meaning behind his post was misinterpreted. His post was actually meant to be an inspiring message to his followers.

So, later that same Monday, Simmons made an apology post telling his followers, “Sorry for the confusion.”

He went on to add, “Sorry many of you have gotten upset about my message today. Even the press has gotten in touch with me. I am not dying.” Simmons didn’t end his writeup there, he also shared that his original message was “about saying how we should embrace every day that we have.”

Few hours before the fitness celebrity cleared the air, a source close to him told PEOPLE exclusively, “It’s important to know that helping and inspiring people has always been truly at the core of who he is.

He’s happy and hopes his words will motivate others to be happy as well. The posts over the last couple of weeks are all significant — he’s digging deeper. These are just not motivational but also very personal. He’s showing sides of himself that we haven’t seen before.”

Meanwhile, shortly before Simmons apologized for the misunderstanding, Tom Estey, a spokesman for Simmons told CNN in a statement, “I can confirm with one hundred percent certainty that Richard is not dying. He’s, in fact, very healthy and happy. The sole purpose of the post was meant to be inspirational.”

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