RHOP Cast Member Injured In Unseemly Brawl After Drink-Throwing

RHOP Cast Member Injured In Unseemly Brawl After Drink-ThrowingThe Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) just got seriously blasted by Bravo fans after a brawl erupted, and as usual, it involved alcohol. People ended up punching each other and it all went down at Zebbie’s Garden in Washington, D.C. Furthermore, some of the cast members ended up needing medical attention.

RHOP Cast Start Fighting In True Bravo Fashion

While it had been anticipated to be a typical fashion lunch for Ashley Darby, things took an unexpected turn, in true Bravo franchise fashion. Shocking behavior transpired, which led to a public display of temper. The situation seemed reminiscent of Teresa Giudice’s infamous displays of aggression, such as table-flipping. Really, are all the Bravo cast members trying to emulate the often brash TV star?

The brawl that suddenly freaked out everyone involved Keiana Stewart, a close friend of Wendy Osefo and Deborah Williams. Apparently, the RHOP stars engaged in a heated altercation and the aftermath included traces of blood. So, what the heck just happened, and how are fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac reacting? Read on to find out.

RHOP Stars Brawl And Blood Was Spilled

According to a report by TMZ, Candiace Dillard got enraged, and tried to break up the fight, looking ready to do battle with a bottle of alcohol. Apparently, it all started when someone “threw a drink” at her. Additionally, the outlet reported that “Keiana says she was hit in the forehead with a glass.” Actually, she needed some medical attention. While people were hurt, the cops didn’t arrest anyone., At least not yet, but they will be checking out what happened.

RHOP Cast Member Injured In Unseemly Brawl After Drink-Throwing
TMZ / Instagram

RHOP fans who saw what went down went over to TMZ’s Instagram and had their say about the bad behavior. This was all very public, so that made it worse. One can only imagine the shock for those who innocently went about their business late last week. What really annoyed people is that once again, unseemly behavior came out when the bottles of alcohol were opened.

Fans Blast Bravo

The incident with the RHOP cast wasn’t filmed for the Bravo show, because allegedly, the cameras had wrapped for the day. However, witnesses got the footage for the world to see. @bravoknowlege said on Instagram, “It’s horrible how alcohol is promoted at these events…this is what happens…?”

Meanwhile, Latasha Morrison wrote, “I wish they would cancel all the House wives show. I had women pitted against women for entertainment by mostly male Execs.”

Then, reader Michaylin Brown noted, “Now why did I know Candice was involved somehow[?] Can’t tell if she had anything to do with what started but I just knew she would be involved.”

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