My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Is Proud Of Hunter For His Arrest?

My Big Fat FabulousMy Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal that Whitney Thore’s brother Hunter Thore has been arrested and Whitney could not be prouder. What did Hunter do to make Whitney so proud?

My Big Fat Fabulous – Whitney Thore And Hunter Thore Have Fun On Screen

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Hunter seems to be as comfortable as Whitney in front of the camera. The siblings seem to have a good time when they are onscreen together. Then again, Whitney did major in theater in college so that could have a bit to do with it. Later Whitney changed to public relations but has a master’s in journalism. Whitney was into dance long before her PCOS affected her weight and has never been shy.

Hunter lived in New York for some time to pursue an acting career. However, before the end of last season, Hunter had announced that he planned to move to Atlanta. Unfortunately, Barbara “Babs” Thore’s stroke waylayed Hunter’s plans to move to the city that had many opportunities in the film and tv industries. Hunter finally moved but continued to look for work in New York as well. His extensive training is what led to his arrest.

My Big Fat Fabulous Spoilers – Whitney Thore Cheers Hunter Thore’s Arrest

Whitney was very excited to show off Hunter’s arrest over the weekend. However, Hunter was arrested on a show, not in real life. Whitney probably wouldn’t be so happy if this has been a real arrest. Hunter’s tv arrest is a dream come true. Hunter scored a one-episode run on the CBS hit, Blue Bloods, starring Tom Selleck and Donny Wahlberg.

Hunter plays Wayne on Blue Bloods, Season 13, Episode 9, Nothing Sacred. Hunter describes his character as “White Trash Lo-Life.” He and his partner in crime were stealing dogs. Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray), a tough lady cop tracks them down and catches them. Hunter looks like a dark-haired version of Joe Dirt.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers – Barbara “Babs” Thore Would Be Proud Too

Whitney posted a photo of Hunter with a mullet in a flannel shirt. Whitney wrote, “so cool watching my brother on Blue Bloods! Proud of you, Hunter Thore. I know Mommy is too!” Of course, Babs passed away on December 7, 2022. Babs suffered from an untreatable progressive condition called cerebral amyloid angiopathy that causes dementia, seizures, and brain bleeds.

Fans agree that Babs would be thrilled to see Hunter on a hit primetime show. Hunter also revealed the more exciting news. Hunter’s newest career achievement is that he scored “the lead role in a feature film”. Hunter promises to give more details later.

While Hunter is working on his acting career, Whitney has been spending time with their father after losing his wife last month.

Keep checking back for My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s news and spoilers. Currently, the show is on hiatus but all 10 seasons can be streamed on Discovery+.

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