Whitney Way Thore Shares Hair-Raising Anecdote About Babs

Whitney Way ThoreWhitney Way Thore, the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL)  on TLC just shared an anecdote that probably got the hairs standing up on the necks and arms of many people. It’s a true story and backed by with receipts. If you hadn’t heard, her mom, Babs Thore passed away recently. This weekend, the family, fans, and friends said their final goodbye and the anecdote followed the sad event.

Whitney Way Thore & Babs –  In Season 10

The latest season of the TLC show brought so much about Babs and fans felt encouraged and happy. That’s because she seemed to be getting over her second stroke. In fact, she was in rehab for a very long time. But, full of fighting spirit and surrounded by her loving family, she started to get better. Although she clearly wasn’t very well, she smiled and her old spark started returning. On Instagram, plenty of updates revealed her husband, Glenn, and Whitney attending to her.

Whitney Way Thore and her dad moved in with Babs at the Abbotswood At Irving Park. That meant that they could all live together, which seemed wonderful. However, it later emerged that the family was told that Babs might pass away. So, they gave their everything to make her last days special. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, unfortunately, passed away this month. So, many fans mourned for her and sent comforting messages to the family.

Whitney Way Thore – Has A Post-Funeral Anecdote

After the funeral for Babs, the MBFFL star took to her Instagram with an amazing story. Both beautiful and hair-raising, it seemed incredible. She talked about how she chatted with her mom that if she passed away, she would send a message to her. So, as “Henchi was in the hospital with her on her lap…she said, ‘Henchi” However, The TLC star preferred something else, so Whitney suggested, “How about a bird?”

Anyway, Babs Thore decide that she would send a message via “a red cardinal.” However, that seemed like a poor choice as well. After all, as her daughter explained, there simply didn’t seem to be any around. In fact, she planned things to attract them to the garden. Anyway, she still felt hopeful, so she put a note in the casket that said, “Please come back to me and send me a sign.”

Whitney Way Thore Shares Hair-Raising Anecdote About Babs
Whitney Way Thore / Instagram

Whitney Way Thore then related how after the funeral, they were sitting indoors when lo and behold, a red cardinal arrived and sat on the wall. Whitney wrote, “Such a small thing, but such a huge comfort. ❤️.”

Whitney Way Thore – A Message From Babs?

Whitney Way Thore and My Big Fat Fabulous fans seem to agree that Babs really did send her daughter and her husband Glenn, a message. A follower named Natalie wrote, “this gave me goosebumps. i never, ever, ever doubt these signs. i know with my entire heart – that’s babs. that also means that even when you’re not seeing her, she’s all around. in the sky, in the trees, singing you songs…she’s everywhere. ❤️.”

Another follower commented, “This is beautiful! I truly believe cardinals are our loved ones coming back to send us a message. Sending you so much love! ❤️.”

Others described how the story gave them the “chills,” but in a nice way.

What do you think? Do you believe that the little red cardinal was a message from Babs to her family letting them know that she’s safe? Shout out in the comments below.

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