Little People Big World Fans Slam Audrey Roloff For Bad Day Post

Little People Big World fans often slam Audrey Roloff because they don’t seem to like her social media content very much. And, they really don’t like it when she complains because they feel that she lives a privileged life. This week, TLC fans slammed her because she complained about having a bad day.

Little People Big World: Why Don’t People Like Audrey Roloff?

There are many people who say that they don’t like Jeremey’s wife. She is clever, attractive, and a dedicated mom. So, it seems inexplicable as to why she manages to get trolled so hard. Most likely, it’s because she does a lot of work promoting her books and marriage journals. Mind you, some people just say that she seems cold and remote.

Little People Big World fans are not convinced that the marriage between Jermey is as perfect as she makes out. Actually, a lot of the hate started going her way after she wrote her books about marriage. Many people thought she was not married long enough to claim perfection. Actually, some people believe that the facade is cracking after she called him out just for taking a nap on a plane. Anyway, this week, they had another chance to troll the former TLC star.

Audrey RoloffLittle People Big World – Audrey Roloff Has A Bad Day

On her Instagram stories, Auj posted a scene that showed a rainy sky and her pinched, pained face. She stood in a car park. Then in her caption, she wrote, “Our nanny comes on Mondays so she’s at my parents with the kids.” Then she added, “Headed to a coffee shop to finally get some dedicated work time and it’s RAINING!!!!”

Little People Big Word Fans Slam Audrey Roloff For Her Bad Day Post
u/Inner_Bench_8641 / Reddit

The Little People Big World alum also said, “I’m not ready for this,” as she posted a thumbs-down. On Reddit, u/Inner_Bench_8641 sarcastically talked about her “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, day.” They added, “…does [it] mean Audrey has a free day – oh no, no, no. Auj was off to the grind, ready to punch her time card in for another grueling day chugging macchiatos and plugging oils at her local, cozy coffee shop.”

TLC – Fans Join The Comments

In the comments section, one follower said about the Little People Big World alum, “[I]Live in Oregon. The rain was AMAZING today! Stfu Auj. And it barely rained, it misted. Oh, and the state is on fire as usual. So sorry for you.”

Another one said, “That poor thing. Rain, can you believe it.?????.”

Here’s another sarcastic person commented, “My heart hurts for her. When you think you’re having a hard time, think of Auj and stop feeling sorry for yourself. There is real suffering in the world and Auj is brave enough to share her plight.”

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