Why Do So Many Little People Big World Fans Claim To Dislike Audrey Roloff?

Little People, Big World fans didn’t warm to Audrey Roloff when she and her husband Jeremy were on the TLC show. So, not a lot of them wept tears of sorrow when they decided to leave. The thing is, why do so many folks dislike her? Actually, a lot of them probably couldn’t tell anyone exactly why. Perhaps it’s a peer thing from social media?

Little People Big World – Fans See Audrey Roloff  As A Bad Mom

Audrey and her husband, Jeremy, faced the same challenges of parenthood as anyone does with little kids. Ember came first, and she was a cute little kid with a sweet smile. Next came Bode, and he’s a smiling teddy bear of a boy. Now they have little Radley, and he’s starting to toddle around on the farm. Plenty of people looked for reasons to slam Audrey about the way she raises her children. But none of the dire predictions of death and disability happened.

Audrey Roloff LPBW Jeremy and the kids
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

The Little People Big World alum is very active on social media and almost daily she shares about her life. Plus, she never misses an opportunity to share about her children. Funnily enough, TLC fans usually cannot get enough of cute kids, one of the redeeming features of Tori, Audrey’s sister-in-law. However, fans get angry that Audrey posts photos of her children. Why is that? 

Audrey Roloff

Critics Think Audrey Roloff Is Too Controlling

When the former TLC star shares photos of herself with Jeremy she gets slammed. Again, one has to wonder why? She raises her kids in a nice home. They want for nothing and look healthy and well-fed. The same goes for her husband. He looks healthy, and she encourages him to do what he loves, which is farming. And yet, critics slap at her and accuse her of being too controlling.

Why Do So Many Little People Big World Fans Claim To Dislike Audrey Roloff
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

Little People Big World fans know that Jeremy is an adult. If he allows his wife to control him, is that her fault? Judging by what people say on Reddit, it seems that what offends folks the most, is that Audrey has a way of coming across as arrogant. Arrogant in her perfection as a mom, as a wife, and as the author of marriage journals.

Little People Big World – Setting Herself Up So She Can’t Fail?

The fact that Audrey makes her income from writing books and journals about the perfect marriage, seems to force her to now run with narrative. Actually, if she failed as the perfect mom and the perfect wife, that could seriously impact her sales. Instead of making her seem more human and fallible like her followers, it would probably just bring a lot of crowing if the fairy castle lifestyle fell apart. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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