Kourtney Kardashian Quitting Hulu Series After Birth Special?

Kourtney Kardashian Quitting Hulu Series After Birth Special?Kourtney Kardashian plans to quit the Hulu series. Of course, she wants to have her own birth special like she had her wedding special. This comes as rumors continue swirl that Kourtney wants to break away from the family. Keep reading for the new details.

Kourtney Kardashian Wants to Quit Hulu Series

According to a new report via The U.S. Sun, Kourtney Kardashian wants to quit the family’s reality show. She has no interest in sharing her marriage and family life on the series. She wants out after she gives birth to her first child with her husband Travis Barker.

Her family is already concerned about her latest decision. DailyMail’s sources claim that she’s considering leaving the show and having her own spinoff. She wants to do one similar to the one Travis had with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler on MTV. Kourtney can see them becoming a rock and roll family.

“The drama and tension has been building for a while — Kim and Kourt just don’t get along right now, and Kourt is finding it too much hard work,” an insider told The U.S. Sun. “She really resents being dictated to by Kim and also thinks the show is so dull. She’s done, and the pregnancy and soon-to-be baby are her perfect reason to bow out.”

Kris Jenner didn’t like the way that Kourtney Kardashian announced her pregnancy at the Blink-182 concert. She thinks it was “very un-Kardashian” of her daughter. Kris wished that Kourtney would’ve spoken to her family about it, but she’s tired of them “interfering” in her life and telling her how to do things. Kourtney has been ready to “cut ties now.”

Kardashian Feud For Ratings?

Some fans wonder if the Kardashian feud is all for ratings. It has people talking about them again. The family trended after the latest episode in which Kim and Kourtney Kardashian feuded over her Italian wedding. One fan took to Reddit to speculate whether there was any truth to the rumors.

Some support Kourtney’s decision to leave the family. Others think the entire family should disappear. Fans also argued that her family could be using her for ratings. This is their way to take advantage of the situation since public interest has declined recently.

Fans can see Kourtney having her own spinoff with Travis. What are your thoughts? Do you think Kourtney wants to leave the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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